Friday, January 04, 2013

"Fuck You" - Sports Edition

I posted this awhile back in a thread of the same title on the DVDVR, and it has had enough positivity attached to it that I am reposting it here, for everyone to enjoy.  Cheers!

Fuck you Terelle Pryor, for being a loudmouth about your goddamn tattoos, and fuck Jim Tressel for lying about it to the NCAA.  And Maurice Clarrett, for being a drunk asshole.

Fuck Pittsburgh Steelers Fans, for being the whiniest bunch of assholes ever.  Every penalty called against the Steelers is the worst call ever and proof of an NFL conspiracy against you, and every call in your favor is a great fucking call.

Fuck Kobe Bryant & Ben Roethlisburger, for being a rapists.

Fuck Carson Palmer.

Fuck Mike Brown for being a shitty owner. (Although props for fleecing the Raiders in the Palmer trade).

Fuck University of Cincinnati fans, because you act like your school is a storied football program steeped in tradition and excellence, but you cannot even get 25K fans into your 32K seat stadium.

Fuck sports media in this city not covering The Ohio State University, but covering UK & Louisville like they are home town teams.

Fuck Lance McAllister, he is awful.

Fuck "SEC Fan".  Root for your own team, that is cool, but don't act like every team in the conference is your team.  Your conference has shitty football teams like Kentucky in it, so you can fuck right off.

Fuck Gary Bettman.  Fuck no hockey team in Sask or Quebec City, but having ones in Phoenix & Miami.

Fuck the Columbus Bluejackets for a stupid name, and inept management.

Fuck Lebron James for being an asshole.  No problem with you leaving Cleveland, but you were a giant asshole about it.

Fuck Tony LeRussa and the Cardinals.  Whiny Little Bitches... the Pittsburgh Steelers of baseball.

Fuck Cubs fans that act like that organization is not one of the worst run in sports history.

Fuck the Yankees, and the AL East.  Red Sox are the same thing as the Yankees, and I have trouble telling them apart.

Fuck foreign players not being part of the MLB draft.

Fuck "Fantasy Football Guy".

Fuck people who act like they care about helmet-to-helmet hits and brain trauma, but get pissed when a penalty gets called for it on "their guy".

Fuck ESPN.

Fuck NFL countdown shows where the guys are just having a good ol' time laughing and having a ball. And fuck the "comedy sketch" they throw in there too.

Fuck Tim Tebow.

Fuck Michigan

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  1. As Artie Lange would say, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.."