Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mini-rant About Shitty Cincinnati's Conference Realignment Problems

I am an Ohio State alum and supporter that lives in Cincinnati... where most of the time Ohio State athletics are straight up ignored by broadcast media.  I would say during college football season, about 40% of the folks in this area are Buckeyes fans, and 40% Cincinnati, with the remaining 20% divided between Notre Dame, Kentucky, and the various MAC schools. 

Cincinnati was a MAC school back in the old days, and when I was growing up it was in the Metro conference, followed by the Great Midwest, then CUSA, and finally the Big East, in order to beef up their football program.  Since the last round of expansion started a couple years ago, Cincinnati fans have bitched and moaned about how it just isn't fair, and framed within the argument that they should be in the Big Ten, which is laughable.  People with level heads realize that Cincinnati needs to get in the ACC or Big 12.  When WVU bolted from the Big East last year, supposedly Louisville approached WVU about forming an "alliance" where WVU would only go to the Big 12 on the condition that Louisville be accepted as well.  When WVU didn't go for that, supposedly Cincinnati offered Louisville the same alliance, only to be rejected.

When word spread last week that Maryland and Rutgers had joined the B1G, media folks around here basically shit themselves.  I have never heard so many people bitch and moan, with their side essentially being "it isn't fair".  Cincinnati wants to act like they are on the same level with Ohio State athletically and academically, so this conference realignment has their supporters in a tizzy because no one actually wants them.  Aside from many other excellent and valid reasons, the B1G would never consider them because they are already in Ohio State's market, and would bring no new audience to the B1G Network.

So when THIS story broke this afternoon, the local media immediately began spinning this as "Hey, why WOULDN'T the ACC want us?", when in reality what is going on is UC is begging the ACC to expand by three teams (UC, Louisville, UConn), because if they only expand by one to replace Maryland, it will be Louisville or UConn, and Cincinnati will be out in the cold, stuck playing football in the rapidly declining Big East.  According to reports on sports talk radio this afternoon, Cincinnati basically is pissed at Tulane being added to the Big East, and is desperate to get out - desperate enough to blatantly court the ACC. 

The "problem" with Cincinnati is that it has excellent facilities for a Big East school, but substandard for B1G/ACC/SEC/B12.  Nippert stadium only sits 35K, and they have trouble selling it out for most games.  If they have a major home game they play at Paul Brown Stadium, which they have trouble selling out at 65K.  They have a 13K seat basketball arena, but they often do not sell it out for home games (a problem ever since they fired Bob Huggins).  The city's market is so divided up with fans and alumni of different schools, that Cincinnati has a major problem convincing anyone that they are a prize worthy of adding to their conference.  Is a school like Texas or Oklahoma going to want to play Cincinnati in a 35K seat stadium? 

So anyway, I hope they end up being forced to back to the MAC. 

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  1. If you're an Ohio State fan, why are you so worried about Cincinnati getting into a better conference? I guess you're already part of one of the most arrogant fan bases in the country, so the thought of another team from Ohio stealing some of your thunder must really stick in your crawl.