Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Live Strongstyle

I am very critical of myself, especially when it comes to things that I create, or performances.  I have always had a profound lack of confidence in a number of things throughout my life.  My family always encouraged me in art when I was younger, and I loved to draw.  However, I was always hesitant to show my work to others because of my belief that what I was doing was shit.  

In the queue for this blog I have a handful of pieces that I started regarding "Live Strongstyle", and what exactly it means.  I start writing a piece to explain a point that I want to make, and at some point I decide that what I am writing is drivel, and just move on to something else.  In other words, I think it sucks, so I stop writing it, and never publish it. 

So, here are some of the core beliefs of my philosophy about professional wrestling, life, working out, and following a dream.  These are the things that make up my personal philosophy of "Live Strongstyle".  

  • In wrestling, the idea of "strongstyle" is to blend together many different forms of combat, in order to display a complete and realistic form of fighting.  "Strongstyle" is virtually a pseudonym for "mixed martial arts", because both terms are about blending different fighting disciplines to create a new form of combat.
  • "Strongstyle" is not about hitting someone as hard as you can, it is about realism. 
  • If you want professional wrestling to be perceived as a sport, shouldn't wrestlers train for matches like athletes?
  •  Professional wrestling is a unique artform in which in which opponents are teammates.  There is no such thing as a clash of styles, because each match is an opportunity to showcase weakness and strength.  Weakness and strength change based on who is in the ring. 
  • In life, you do not perform without training and practice.  Every career, trade, or practice requires learning.  Athletes must train.
  • Professional wrestling is an artform that not only requires a degree of authenticity, but also requires crowd interaction.  It isn't about proving what you are doing in the ring is real, it is about the fans believing it.  It doesn't matter how hard you hit someone if the everyone says it looks fake.  However, it doesn't matter how light you hit someone if everyone believes it is real.
  • If wrestling is your passion, then that passion needs to fuel your work.  That passion and fire needs to be evident to the fans watching you work.  That passion should fuel your workouts.
  • Continuity.  Everything that you do in the ring needs to make sense. 
  • Strongstyle is about taking things that work, and discarding things that do not.  Shouldn't you do that away from the ring too?  If someone or something is not working or making your life better, shouldn't you remove it from your life? 
  • Working in different territories in front of different fans makes you better.  No matter if you are in Japan, the UK, Germany, Austrailia, Mexico, or Mars, working is working.  Things that work in one place might not work in another, but the things that do work for a reason.  Learning all of the things that work everywhere will allow you to work everywhere.
I will update this column as needed.  Improving, adding, and removing.  

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