Monday, August 27, 2012

Sorry Dash

As of August 27th, 2012, we have come to terms on the release of independent wrestling sensation Dash Bennett, although he was not under any kind of legal contract, and our company currently lacks any scheduled events, a venue, or money to fulfill prior negotiated compensation.  We wish Bennett the best in all future endeavors.

On a completely unrelated topic, we would like to announce that as of August 27th, 2012, we have come to terms with one half of the tag team Armageddon, Rapture.  There is no reason that you should confuse Rapture with his tag team partner, Revelation.  Or Dash Bennett.  Or Sean Dahmer, or Trent Reznik or whatever he calls himself now.  Nope, those guys are totally fired. 

And hey, this is the real Rapture.  Not the knockoff type that the Crusher Hansen's and Boomer Payne's of the world WISH they could be.  This is the real deal here.  Besides, Boomer was Revelation.  Right?  I forget really. 

And hey, it was kinda the same gimmick and all, but this guy totally wasn't one of the Steel City Machines. Those two guys didn't have names.  Did they?  I don't remember really, because that team was all about pushing the manager, Steffon Devereaux.  Who thought that was a good idea?  Who knows!  Either way, those two guys were Guido Corleone and Michael Vaine.  This isn't them - this is goddamn Rapture. 

Totally not Dash. 

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