Monday, August 27, 2012

Sean Dahmer

US wrestling fans were introduced to Sin Cara the first time a bit over one year ago.  The first man to use the identity of "Sin Cara" was the wrestler well known throughout Mexico as "Mistico".  However, Mistico had long been accused of gimmick infringement by Monterrey based wrestler Incognito, who had previously wrestled as "Mystico".  Mystico was eventually signed by the WWE and sent to development, where he changed his name yet again to "Hunico", or "Epico" or some other nonsense that sounds Spanish, but is mostly racist.  Shortly after the debut of Sin Cara, Mystico showed up as Sin Cara too!

Anyways, this guy in the picture below is Sean Dahmer. 

The paragraph above this picture may or may not insinuate that this guy isn't really Sean Dahmer.  

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