Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The New Territories

I saw an article today on the blog Pro Wrestling Men In Tights, entitled "New-age Territories...".  I think that it is an interesting subject matter, but I actually disagree with the author on his take. 

I do not think the author,


  1. Is this not what that one fat woman did in Pittsburgh with New Jack, Brian Anthony, and Evan Karagias?

  2. I couldn't tell you what the hell her business model was exactly, because I never figured out how she thought she was going to make money. What she was doing was taking "name wrestlers" such as the ones you listed, and paying them out of her pocket to work shows for promoters. Everyone I ever talked to about the situation swore up and down she wasn't getting any cut of money from them.

    My concept is similar, not with names, but rather with the local guys actually working that territory. Rather than every two-bit promoter thinking they can run a show because they have a venue and a ring, the wrestlers they need to work their card can only be accessed thru the booking office.
    The idea is that the office guarantees a certain amount of money to the wrestler, in exchange for exclusivity to manage their bookings. The booker then goes to the independent promoters and sells the open dates his client has.

    For example, let's say I have an agent that guarantees me a minimum of $500 per month for a minimum of six bookings. The booker then goes out and books me on six different shows for $100 a pop. Not only that, but I am wrestling the same opponent on all six shows, because he is also a client of the booker, and is getting a similar pay deal.

  3. I agree with you to a certain extent. I have no visions of anyone going into competition with the WWE. As you said, they are a billion dollar entity that, quite frankly, will not be touched by anyone other than maybe NJPW. And I say NJPW because they were recently bought out by a multi-billion dollar company that is looking to take them worldwide now.

    My whole point is just to build up the entire business as a whole again and let people know that there is local wrestling out there, which will in turn, bring people into the shows, making people more money. It's not about making millions of dollars off of wrestling or anything like that, it's more about just making money off of shows to begin with and growing from there. Wrestlers should be paid more, and promoters should not lose money on shows. It's also about converting former wrestling fans back into wrestling fans, and making new fans. These are just very small steps to better the business overall. There is a very powerful entity in numbers that I feel most people do not see.