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Nikita Allanov's 2011 Year In Review

Promotions Wrestled For in 2011
Black Diamond Wrestling - WV
Gladiadores Azteca Lucha Libre Internacional - IL
World Wrestling Coalition - OH
Renegade Wrestling Alliance - PA
Revolutionary Championship Wrestling - OH
Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment - OH

2011 Won Loss Record: (7 - 7 - 0)

  Singles Matches: 6 - 4 - 0   Tag Team Matches: 1 - 3 - 0
  Career Match Total: 577 Matches

2011 Matches
  • 15 January - Aberdeen, OH - Nikita Allanov def. JT Stahr by pinfall
  • 22 January - West Newton, PA - Patrick Hayes def. Nikita Allanov by pinfall
  • 5 February - Jackson, OH - Juggulator & Judas Thorn def. Nikita Allanov & Maxx Power by pinfall
  • 13 February - Moundsville, WV - Nikita Allanov def. Keith Haught by submission in a "Five Minute Challenge"
  • 19 February - Logan, OH - Allen Lynch def. Nikita Allanov by pinfall
  • 5 March - Aberdeen, OH - Nikita Allanov def. Justin Gage by pinfall
  • *** 5 March - Aberdeen, OH - Jake Ashworth def. Matt Taylor, Terry Reines, Nikita Allanov, Eclipso, Marvel Trice, Princeton Travis, and Justin Gage (King of Extreme Championship Finals)
  • 12 March - Portsmouth, OH - Nikita Allanov def. Eclipso by pinfall
  • 13 March - Addison, IL - Ace Martino, Diego Corleone & Jake O'Neil def. Alex Ohlsen, Matt Knicks & Nikita Allanov by pinfall
  • 25 March - Logan, OH - Adrenaline X def. Nikita Allanov & Onyx by pinfall
  • 26 March - West Newton, PA - Nikita Allanov def. Jon Burton by pinfall in a No-DQ Match
  • 9 April - Aberdeen, OH - Devlin Anderson def. Nikita Allanov by pinfall
  • 16 April - West Newton, PA - Nikita Allanov def. Patrick Hayes by count-out
  • 23 April - Berwyn, IL - Diego Corleone & Nikita Allanov def. Rose & Falcon by pinfall
           *Title Matches  -  **Main Event Matches  -  ***Main Event Title Matches

Titles Held in 2011

  • No Championships Held

Favorite Match

Nikita Allanov def. Jon Burton by pinfall in a No-DQ Match - March 26th in West Newton, PA
I had a limited number of matches in 2010 (which I will get to below) , but this one was one of my favorite, because it was really the only match that was the result of a build up, and it had a great atmosphere.  Burton is a local television and radio sports anchor, and he occasionally wrestles.  After a few months of getting under my skin at the behest of Dr. Feelbad, we had this match, and I do not hesitate to say that I pulled a great match out of a wrestler with less experience and in-ring skill than myself.  In addition, I did it as a fan-favorite babyface in my old Pittsburgh stomping grounds.  In my short run in RWA this message definately sent the message to the fans in that area that I was still lurking around, and a serious threat in the ring.  Honorable mentions go to the January match with JT Stahr, which turned out to be his last match before he left for film school in California, and also the "Five Minute Challenge" against Keith Haught in February, simply because of the atmosphere in the building that night. 

Least Favorite Match

Devlin Anderson def. Nikita Allanov by pinfall - April 9th in Aberdeen, OH
I was sick and just didn't bring my working boots with me that night, so the match wasn't as good as I would have liked - especially since we had a pretty solid match the prior November in the Unbreakable Tournament.   

2011 Closing Thoughts

Wow, only fourteen matches.  Actually, I had fourteen matches in sixteen weeks, which is my normal pace, but when I was injured away from the ring on May 2nd, it screwed my year up completely. 

I was on pace to have a really good 2011 in the ring.  At the time of my injury I was wrestling regularly for six different promotions in three different states - which is a lot harder to do and more rare than it sounds.  I was also working on a few other things (a return to NYC among them) when everything came to a screeching halt.  

I did finally get to accomplish a goal, which was to begin working real lucha libre shows, although I didn't get to go south of the border to do it.  After a couple years of discussion, I finally got to work in the Chicagoland area for GALLI, a great independent promotion that is a mix of authentic lucha libre talent, and homegrown Chicago talent.  The booking and presentation is lucha style, and I had a lot of fun there.  On my first trip in I got to wrestle on the same card as some friends, and I was presented as a tecnico - with a few fans having signs for me in the crowd.  It made me feel good about myself, as it was my first show in that area, but some people knew who I was.  

Speaking of fan appreciation, I had a great run and a great time with RWA in the Pittsburgh area.  From my debut with the company I had somewhat straddled the fence on being a fan-favorite, and when I became a target of the "Feelbad Five", I turned into a tecnico there too!.  It was great being cheered by the fans, and it was great being able to talk and hear words of encouragement and appreciation from so many of them.  

I was only able to appear on one show for Black Diamond this year, but I had a pretty big role in my appearance, as I pretty much put an end to the Insurgentz.  McFly's group had attempted to run roughshod over the promotion, but I made a challenge that I could beat any member of their group in under five minutes, or that I would leave BDW forever.  When I made Keith Haught tap out a couple of minutes later, it was the first chink in the Insurgentz armor, and soon the group was all going their separate ways.  

In RCW I had a couple appearances, most notably a solid match with Eclipso in Portsmouth.  I was hoping to lead WrestlOhio to the gold in RCW, but again, I was sidelined by injury.  I also debuted for XWE in central Ohio, but before I was able to pick up much steam there I was on the sidelines. 

My year was thoroughly dominated by my injury.  I have written on here before about what happened and what needed to happen to take care of it, and needless to say, that end of things has not gone well, nor quickly.  Unfortunately, attorneys and government agencies are involved now, and it is really disheartening.  It sucks when something that I have put so much blood, sweat, work and tears into is taken away from you prematurely by something outside of your control.  

Right now, I am stuck in a limbo where I am not sure what is next.  I am still hitting the gym often, but over the past seven months I have had to change my workouts and my routines.  It is a very real possibility that I may never step in the ring again - and if I ever do, I may not be able to wrestle the same way that I always have.  I have always prided myself on being a knock-em-stiff tough-as-nails competitor, but my body paid the price for that style.  If I am ever going to get my shoulder in any kind of condition to compete in the ring again, I am going to have to worry more about technique and the actual art of wrestling, rather than brute force and power.  It has been hard to learn to train for that in the gym.  I went from being someone who goes into the gym and lifts and grunts like a madman, to being the guy cross-training and avoiding the weights.  Aside from my shoulder, I am probably as fit and light as I have been in ten years... and my body has been able to rest up for most of the year.  

Hopefully within the next few weeks I will have a more complete picture of what exactly my in-ring future will be.  All I can do is try to keep hope alive that my career hasn't come to an end, but at the same time, I am not a young guy anymore, so I have to weigh how much pain and agony a comeback will put me through, and if it will be worth it.  After this much time off, it can be a lot like starting from scratch.  I am just holding out hope that maybe it can be a way for me to have rested up for one last big run.  

I do not know if I would even be writing this today if it wasn't for Shannon.  She is truly the love of my life, and she has been there for me through all of the hard times the past few months.  No one but her really knows how bad this injury has harmed me - mentally, physically, financially, and pridefully - not to mention professionally.  She has been there for me through it all, and in a way that I cannot explain.  I would probably be in a ditch somewhere right now if it wasn't for her.  She made 2011 bearable, and in some ways, my best year ever.  


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