Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 "Must Watch Matches" Playlist

Check out the Public Youtube Playlist Here! 

Sombra vs. Volador Jr. 22 JanuaryFantasticamania 2012Day #2Historic NWA Welterweight Championship
Blue Panther, Solar & Atlantis vs. Ultimo Guerrero, Felino & Negro Navarro14 JanuaryAULL Arena Lopez Mateos
Black Terry vs. Chico Che23 JanuaryIWRG Arena Naucalpan
Negro Casas vs. Blue Panther27 JanuaryCMLL Arena MexicoLightning Match
Black Terry vs. Chico Che29 JanuaryIWRG Arena NaucalpanHair vs. Hair Match
Sasaki & Kitanomiya vs. Kobashi & Akiyama11 FebruaryDiamond Ring Korakeun Hall
Negro Casas vs. Sombra13 FebruaryCMLL Arena PueblaHistoric NWA Welterweight Championship
Negro Casas vs. Blue Panther3 MarchCMLL Arena MexicoHair vs. Hair Match
Hijo del Santo & Villano 4 vs. Solitario Jr. & Angel Blanco Jr. 25 FebruaryGimnasio Juan De La Berra
Kazuchika Okada vs Tetsuya Naito4 MarchNJPW Korakeun HallIWGP Heavyweight Championship Match

UPDATE - 12 March
Wow.  Three amazing matches added to the list!  The apuesta match between Panther/Casas is a classic main event of a big show match, and is intense, with a great finish.  Esto es lucha. 
The Santo/Villano vs Solitario/Blanco match is a bloody bloody lucha brawl, which also has a great finish.  Santito is getting up there in age, but he can still bring it when he wants to.  Him and Villano both sell their asses off in this bloodbath. 
Okada/Naito is everything that a championship match should be - and this was at New Japan's 40th Anniversary Show in Tokyo.  Awesome match. 

UPDATE - 27 February
Added the Casas/Sombra title match from Puebla, and the main event tag match from the Sasuke Office's first "Diamond Ring" show.
Almost added the Finlay vs. Tajiri match from the final SMASH show, but thought otherwise.  It wasn't bad, but it didn't live up to my expectations either. 

UPDATE - 8 February

Added the apuesta match between Chico Che/Black Terry and the Casas/Panther lightning match. I personally found the 23 January match between Terry/Che better, as it came first and was almost the same as the second one.  I would say they are both similar.  Casas/Panther wasn't exactly what I thought it would be, but it was pretty damn good... but short (although that is the point of a "lightning match").  I don't think it will hold up over the course of the whole year though. 

As I see more matches that I would consider "Best of..." type of stuff, I will post them here.  I would love to get some good discussion going so we can share the best stuff with each other - no matter what the promotion, style, or nation!


  1. Enjoyed the Sombra v. Volador match and the old dude trios matches a lot, but Black Terry vs. Chico Che was like THE MATCH. No idea how they're gonna' top that with the hair match, but am definitely stoked to see them try. The first two matches are definitely good matches, but the IWRG match is great. Sombra and Volador felt at times like the best possible Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards.

  2. I will probably add the apuesta match between Che/Terry to this list, but I personally didn't like it as much as the one-fall brawl. I am a big Black Terry fan, but sometimes when he is in a feud against someone, they tend to have the same match over and over again. That's how the feud with Multifacetico was, and that was how the Terry vs Gringos VIP feud was. I didn't really see anything different in the hair match than what they had in the prior match.

    I do not have the utter hatred for Davey Richards that a lot of people have - but I understand people that see certain shortcomings in his style. I think the Richards/Edwards match from 2011 (where Richards won the ROH title) was a damn good match... but I think that Volador/Sombra was better, and even had a better story to it.