Sunday, November 27, 2011

It is with great sadness that I, Nikita Allanov, must announce the termination of my relationship with the Fraternal Order of Professional Wrestlers (FOPW) effective immediately.  I had no part in the actions that were taken by members of the FOPW on Saturday night November 26th in Moundsville, WV, nor did I have any prior knowledge that those actions were going to take place.  Because of the actions of members of the group, I would like to distance myself from the group. 

The FOPW came about when a long time colleague of mine, Michael Smith, and myself had numerous long conversations about the state of the business of professional wrestling, and how the business practices of many of the promoters and wrestlers within it were severely harming the business that we both loved so dear. 

My idea was to create an organization to help educate professional wrestlers, and to organize my fellow wrestlers into a group that could actually have an influence.  I wanted to create a network between wrestlers and trainers, so that training information and techniques could be shared.  My ultimate goal was to create some kind of standard for training - such as the colored belt system used in karate and other martial arts. 

Others involved with the organization wanted to use the group as a "watchdog" organization, to keep tabs on the practices of promoters and athletic commissions; To see who was booking untrained wrestlers, what rules athletic commissions were actually enforcing, which promoters were reneging on pay agreements, etc.  I found many of these goals worthwhile myself, so I helped to shape the organization. 

Over a year ago the FOPW had their first controversy when a member of the group attnded a meeting of the Ohio Athletic Commission, and spoke with Commissioner Bernie Profato.  The basic point of the meeting was to introduce the concept of the organization to the OAC.  However, the FOPW name was quickly brought up when an Ohio promoter canceled a show, and word quickly (and falsely) spread that the FOPW was doing the grunt work of the OAC.  Since most wrestlers are uninformed an ignorant, the broad consensus among people aware of the organization was that the FOPW was a bunch of Pennsylvania wrestlers trying to ruin wrestling in Ohio. 

When this situation settled down, it became my suggestion that the group refocus on gathering information, and working to gain more wrestlers in the membership, so that the group was a better reflection on the membership's views and opinions, rather than a small number.  At the same time my availibility changed, and I was not able to contribute to the group as often, although I was generally kept abreast of the organization's activities.

Awhile back I was made aware of a wrestling fan in the Moundsville area that was attending wrestling shows and approaching various wrestlers about jumping ship to his promotion, that had never ran a show before.  About a month or so ago I was made aware that the promoter I work for in that area - Rikk Diamond - was planning an event for the night that this rival was expected to debut - November 26th. 

I am currently inured, and I have not appeared on any wrestling cards as a competitor since April.  I was not in Moundsville on the 26th.  When I woke up this morning I saw a video posted by the FOPW, and frankly, it disgusted me.   The video showed a number of wrestlers who had just worked at Diamonds event, walking into the show that was running opposition and disrupting the event in the name of the FOPW. 

In my mind the purpose of the FOPW is for the betterment of the sport of professional wrestling, and this incident did nothing but destroy any credibility that the FOPW may have had, embarrass Diamond, embarrass myself, and embarrass professional wrestling.  This does not seem like the betterment of the sport which I love so dear, and have dedicated over fourteen years of my life too. 

Over the last few months while I have been injured I have been developing my philosophy of professional wrestling, which I have dubbed "Live Strongstyle".  I am hoping to finish research and begin writing the book based on this philosophy soon.  A number of my colleagues, friends, and fans have said they look forward to my writing.  I am going to redirect my ideas and thoughts about professional wrestling into this book. 

Thank you. 

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