Sunday, August 07, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #156: Sombra vs. Strongman

La Sombra vs. Jon Andersen
5 August, 2011
Korakeun Hall; Tokyo, Japan
2011 G-1 Climax Tournament Match - Block A

The matches are starting to be posted from the G-1 Tournament, which is taking place right now in Japan. 

La Sombra is a representative of CMLL in the tournament, and he is the only real non-heavyweight in the field.  Andersen, best known simply as "Strongman", is essentially a full-time New Japan wrestler, but he doesn't work every single tour.  And when he isn't in NJPW, he is usually working as a tecnico in CMLL, sometimes alongside Sombra.  So, these two know each other pretty well. 

What he get here is a solid if unremarkable match.  Sombra obviously knows Strongman's limitations, and he spends most of the match bumping for his power, or taking advantage of his immobility.  Strongman spends most of the match trying to methodically take Sombra apart with devastating power offense.  Because Stringman isn't the quickest guy in the world, the match isn't a traditional puroresu style match, and is more like a classic US "southern style" big man/little man match. 

Strongman is a guy who got into wrestling at a somewhat late age (30's), but has a ton of potential.  I am not saying that simply because of his body, but because he has a ton of natural charisma, and he is a legitimate strong man that can do shit like pull buses and snap baseball bats in half.  Plus, Strongman seems to have a strong work ethic, as he seems to know how to work within his limitations and has gotten better in doing so.  Given time, he could be a Mark Henry-type of destructive force. 

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