Sunday, August 07, 2011

Injury Update

Just wanted to pass along some info about my injury, and what is ahead for me in the upcoming few months, weeks, and beyond. 

As everyone who follows me should know by now, I have been absent from the ring since April, after I suffered a shoulder injury outside of the ring at my day-job on May 2nd.  I haven't gone into a lot of details about how I hurt my arm, and I still will not, but needless to say, it was at work and is falling under the umbrella of "Worker's Compensation".  This is actually dragging out the process of me getting back on my feet. 

Anyway, after an MRI back in May, it was determined that I had torn a tendon in my shoulder.  The tear was only partial, and the doctors were hoping that with some rest that the tendon would heal up and that with physical therapy I could be good as new in a few weeks. 

However, I was having trouble moving the shoulder, so I was then diagnosed with a "frozen shoulder", which in leyman's terms is that I had a lot of debris in my shoulder joint from the injury that was stuck in there and not letting the joint properly heal.  I was given a cortisone injection to break up the debris, and began physical therapy to build back arm strength and to help break the junk up in my shoulder. 

After a few weeks of great progress and my shoulder feeling better, I began to have issues with it popping out of place again, and I took a few steps backward in recovery. This past Friday I was re-examined by my doctor, and it has been decided that I am going to undergo surgery to clean out my shoulder, along with a microfracture procedure.  Pending approval of Worker's Comp of course, which holds everything up. 

The procedure sounds a lot more intimidating than it actually is, but it is what I have been needing and wanting since the injury took place.  I am hoping to undergo the procedure as soon as possible, so that I may return to full health as soon as possible - which means returning to the ring as well.  I am hoping to have the procedure approved in 1-2 weeks, and then to have the procedure scheduled for a week or so after that.  If I have the procedure done by the first week of September, that would put me on course to be back by Thanksgiving. 
I don't think anyone realizes how frustrating things have been for me.  In a lot of ways, the injury hasn't kept me from being able to do my day-job, and I could probably deal with the pain and compete in the ring.  However, since I was hurt at work the injury is a Worker's Compensation issue, and if I were to wrestle or not follow my work restrictions placed on me by my doctor, it would actually be considered fraud. 

I have been able to continue working out within the restrictions placed on my by the doctors, and as I have been cleared by my therapist to do more and more exercises in my rehab, I have been able to do more and more at the gym.  I am a guy that usually busts his ass preparing to wrestle in upcoming matches, and it has been beyond frustrating to be limited in what I can do.  I have really over-trained my legs to the point that I had to back off.  I have done so much cardio that it is crazy. 

So, there it is.  A nice big update for everyone.  There isn't really a whole lot that I can talk about as far as specifics, but I wanna thank everyone for the well wishes and support that I have received thus far.  I am itching to get back to the ring. 

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