Monday, July 18, 2011

Punk, Cena, MITB Thoughts; Sin Cara busted, and Averno

So, WWE held their 'Money In The Bank" event last night in Chicago, and it was one of the most anticipated events the WWE had promoted in quite some time - at least with the online community. 
As anyone who knows me (or reads what I write), I am not a big WWE fan.  In fact, I am pretty much diametrically opposed to what they do there.  But, what they have been doing recently actually has me interested, and I checked out the PPV last night. 
I am not a massive CM Punk supporter by any means, and he isn't someone that I personally know.  In other words, I have no reason to like or dislike him personally.  I do not watch a lot of the WWE product, so I only know bits and pieces of what he does there.  With that said, Punk has managed to work some magic on the mic to get me interested in what the WWE is doing with that angle.  I will repeat: With that angle. 
A lot of people are online hailing last night's card as one of the all-time best PPV events.  I disagree wholeheartedly.  I honestly missed most of the first MITB match, so I cannot really comment on that.  Daniel Bryan winning is something that appeases the online/smark audiences, but the match was a ladder match, so I have my doubts as to if this match best showcased Bryan's skills in the ring.  The women's match was total dogshit.  The Henry/Show match was good for what it was, and I think Henry is a guy that has so much potential, but the WWE has dropped the ball with so many times.  Him destroying Show was the right thing to do here, and Henry looked impressive tossing Show around. 
The other MITB match was okay to watch, but didn't really do anything for me.  I have seen so many ladder matches, so maybe I am just a little more jaded.  I liked the idea behind the finish, which is a standard lucha finish with two feuding wrestlers - Del Rio pulled Mysterios's mask off, something not really done in the US.  However, Del Rio fell off the ladder, and took too much time, which kinda blew the finish.  I think he is getting a pass (that he shouldn't) thus far, because that is an atypical finish in the US, and no one knew it was blown. 
The Orton/Christian match was better than usual from Orton, which I attribute to Christian being awesome.  Orton is usually Hulk Hogan levels of bad in the ring, with his offense almost exclusively punches, kicks, and going for his diamondcutter.  Oh, and lots of restholds.  I like guys that go for submissions, but Orton tends to just do headlocks and stuff of that sort.  Again, I liked the finish, as it was a total lucha finish not often seen in the US, and the crowd reacted to it well.  I honestly think in the grand scheme of things this might not have been the best finish, unless we are going to see Orton become master of the low-blow as he chases Christian. 
This show was all about the main event though, and it certainly delivered.  Chicago was clearly behind Punk, and Chicago is almost always an insanely hot crowd.  Punk is given internet cred as the "best in the world", which is debatable, but he came off as a mega-star here.  This match was certainly a match of the year candidate, although I do not know if it is worthy of the ol' Observer "five star" status. 
I am not a fan of John Cena at all, but I am going to give him props right here.  John Cena may be a complete 'tard on the mic, but he is a great spokesman for the company in interviews.   Cena really does seem like the kinda guy that would help you move an old freezer into your basement.  He does a ton of charity work.  He is very marketable, and genuinely seems to be a good guy. He may not be the best technical wrestler to come down the pike, but the guy knows how to deliver in big time matches under pressure.  He has pulled of quality matches with Shawn Michaels and HHH at Wrestlemanias.  He had a tremendous Royal Rumble match with the late Umaga when he was unstoppable.  He most impressed me however at the second "One Night Stand" when he squared off with RVD in front of the hostile ECW fans in NYC.  Last night he did the same thing, but on a bigger stage.  The best comparison I can make for John Cena, is that he is like a younger and bigger version of classic WCW Diamond Dallas Page.  He is not a technician that is going to go out there and have awesome matches with midcard guys or hacks, but he can go out and have an awesome match with a great wrestler.  He cares about the business, and makes up for his lack of skill with effort.  Much like DDP, he had an act and a look that got really old, but he had desire and heart - which Cena obviously does. 
All in all, MITB was a very memorable event, but it was because of atmosphere, and the one match that everyone paid to see actually delivering.  Some people are jumping the gun and claiming that this will usher in a new era for the WWE focused on wrestling.  We shall see. 


Today the WWE announced that Sin Cara (TAFKA Mistico) was suspended for thirty days as the result of a wellness policy violation.  The Observer is reporting that he failed a test in June, and is actually on thin ice to the point that he may be released. 
WWE would be crazy to release Sin Cara, but this would be an excellent excuse to send him down to development to mold him the way they want him.  It also is obviously affecting CMLL business down in Mexico, as Averno is apparently now staying put with CMLL... perhaps permanently. 
Sin Cara was a pet project of WWE Executive HHH, and the reason Averno was being brought in was to make Cara look like a star by recreating their matches from CMLL.  But, with Cara on thin ice, WWE has rethought investing in him, and thus Averno has not reported to the WWE on the date that was rumored.  To his credit, Averno himself never confirmed with the press that he was going to the WWE - all he did in the press was deny the rumors, and focus on his rivalry with Mascara.  Averno is obviously sticking around for awhile now, as he has retained his NWA Heritage Middleweight Championship in a recent defense, as well as won the CMLL Trios Championship. 

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