Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #153: Hijo de LA Park vs. Trauma I

Hijo de LA Park vs. Trauma I
7 July, 2011
Arena Naucalpan; Naucalpan, Mexico
Estadio de Mexico Junior Championship Match

Part 2   Part 3

I wasn't feeling this match.  There wasn't anything particularly wrong with it, or glaringly bad, it just wasn't quite what I expected it to be.  The third fall was pretty overbooked too, which took a lot away from it, I thought.  I guess with this being a championship match I expected more of a clean style, perhaps with a wild brawl in the third fall, since it is IWRG after all. Instead we got a more run-of-the-mill indy lucha title match, full of shenanigans and tom foolery. 

There was some solid mat wrestling in the first two falls, it just felt somewhat uninspired.  The third fall had some great action and good near-falls, but it just seemed like, I dunno, too "indyriffic". 

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