Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #152: Tanahashi & Goto vs. Bad Intentions

Hiroshi Tanahashi & Hirooki Goto vs. Giant Bernard & Karl Anderson
13 July, 2011
Teisen Hall; Sapporo, Japan

Nothing too special about this match really.  The match was part of the build-up to Bernard/Tanahashi and Anderson/Goto at a big pay-per-view card in Sapporo a week later.  So naturally, lots of pairing off, and the challengers got the big wins heading into the singles bout. 

This is totally one of those situations where the dominant tag team should have (and did) prevail in tag team competition.  In the US, it seems whenever these types of matches go down, they tag team champions lose, as a swerve, and to not weaken the singles championship by having the champion lose a match - even if it is to a tag team champion.  I have the philosophy that a regular tag team should beat a thrown together one almost every time, and here, Bad Intentions have been pushed as the number one team in the world, and hold both the New Japan and NOAH tag team championships.  It would be somewhat ridiculous for them to lose to a thrown together team, especially when you add in that the tag champs are being built up for singles bouts. 

In addition, this is a non-title match, which in the US is also a red herring for the champion losing, to build to a title match next.  Here the tag champions win anyway.  This is the proper use of a non-title match. 

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