Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #151: Multifacetico vs. Oficial 911

Multifacetico vs. Oficial 911
17 July, 2011
Arena Naucalpan; Naucalpan, Mexico
Mascara vs. Mascara Match

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Awesome, awesome match. 

Last week I reviewed the championship match building up to this match, which was fought, for the most part, as a technical in-ring wrestling bout.  As you can tell here, this match certainly was not. 

Sometimes people get this wacky notion that IWRG is the new ECW, and for people with that point of view, this is certainly a match that lends credence to your case.  What you have here is a match where a young high-flyer that the "smart fans" think is being given too much too soon, squares off with a rudo that the has become a staple of the company and the fans respect.  This may sound a bit familiar, but the young and female fans are behind the tecnico Multifacetico, while most of the guys and the die-hards are behind 911.  You can hear it in the dueling chants, where the "Multi-Multi-Multi" are sometimes drowned out by "Nuevo Once" chants. 

As far as the ring work, the layout was pretty solid, although maybe a little textbook.  Multi wraps up the first fall quickly by overpowering 911 with some high flying moves.  Multi rudos it up a bit for the fans rooting against him by ripping up 911's mask (something a tecnico should never do first, really), only for 911 and his second to double team Multi on the outside after a dive.  911 then finishes off Multi with a Gory Special into a knee-breaker, which Multi is forced to deal with the rest of the match.  The third fall turns into a wild brawl that sees chairshots and fighting all over Arena Naucalpan, including up into the balcony.  At this point Multi throws 911 over the edge, and moonsaults on to him from a rail above the vomitory (look it up!), providing the New Jack/Super Crazy portion of the evening.  The brawl head back into the ring where Multi tries to finish 911 off, but to no avail.  This is followed by some interference from Oficial Fierro (I think) who was a second for 911 at ringside.  The referee is distracted by Fierro and Pantera (Multi's second) as they get into it at ringside.  s shenanigans ensue Multi and 911 hit big moves on each other, until Multi hits a Spanish Fly on 911, but there is no referee to count the pinfall.  Suddenly a new Oficial - Spartans - hits the ring and nails Multi with a chair.  911 covers and Multi kicks out, but the damage has been done, and 911 quickly capitalizes with a swank second rope Awesome Bomb, which gets the pinfall. 

Solid match.  I am not sure, but this may be on my short list of match of the year candidates.  Hey, that sounds like another column for another day...

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