Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #149: Multifacetico vs. Oficial 911

Multifacetico vs. Oficial 911
26 June, 2011
Arena Naucalpan; Naucalpan, Mexico
WWS Welterweight Championship Match

Part 2   Part 3

This match was somewhat of a departure for IWRG, as it had a complete angle and gimmick behind the finish to the match.  On July 17th, these two will be meeting in a mask vs. mask match.  The build for that match began here, although Multifacetico and the Oficiales had been on opposite sides quite a bit since the new Multi debuted in January. 

What you have here is an intense rivalry that leads to a title match. Multifacetico is the new tecnico on the block who looks impressive in the ring, but is starting to get the fans turning against him a bit because of his push to the moon.  The Oficiales are longtime staples of IWRG, and are quite popular although they are rudos.  911 is challenging for the championship here. 

Rather than have a fellow Oficial as a second, 911 has Pollo Asesino, who is bat shit crazy.  After a competitive clean championship caliber first fall, Pollo begins to liberally interfere after a Multifacetico dive, and Pollo just wears Multi out.  The referee is obviously warning Pollo, who just keeps interfering.  Multi manages to even things out here, but sometime in between falls (or something the camera didn't pick up during the second fall) the referee takes a shot to the face, and starts getting a goose egg under his eye.  The referee is having a discussion with some kind of commissioner/official at ringside while holding ice on his face, and from what I can tell, is blaming Pollo.  The third fall starts out as a brawl in the ring, and when it spills out Pollo again liberally interferes, eventually causing a ref bump.  911 was unable to capitalize on Pollo's help, and Multi ends up pulling out the win after a Tiger Driver. 

It was obvious from the way the match ended that something was going to come out of this match, and this was not your typical IWRG championship match between two rivals.  If Multi had lost his championship here, it would have been logical for him to go after Pollo.  Instead, with Multi retaining, Multi incurred the further wrath of 911 and the Oficiales. 

Different from your average IWRG match, as it was not uber-technical, not a wild brawl.  Started out as a technical championship match, and the angle turned it into a crazy free-for-all with interference and shenanigans.  I imagine these guys were probably holding back quite a bit for the big match, which no one had any clue about yet at that point. 

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