Tuesday, July 05, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #148: 2011 Reyes del Aire

Tiger Kid vs. Sensei vs. Scorpion vs. Molotov vs. Puma King vs. Rey Cometa vs. Raziel vs. Fuego vs. Arkangel vs. Angel de Plata vs. Cancerbero vs. Diamante vs. Polvora vs. Delta vs. Virus vs. Angel de Oro
1 January, 2011
Arena Mexico; Mexico City, Mexico
2011 Reyes del Aire - Torneo Cibernetico

Part 2  Part 3

Reyes del Aire is a somewhat annual event in CMLL.  "Reyes del Aire" translates into English as "Kings of the Air", which should make it clear that this is a tournament for high flyers.  Generally, CMLL uses this tournament to showcase the promotion's up-and-coming young talent, which often leads to this match being an affair with guys looking to do insane things to get noticed. 

Volador Jr. won the first tournament in 2005, and has won a total of three torneos.  The format of the match is always that of a "torneo cibernetico", which is a multi-man elimination match where there is one ultimate winner.  Sometimes the participants are paired into teams by a battle royal, sometimes it is just a rudo vs. tecnico match, sometimes it is every man form himself. 

Of the RdA torneos that I have seen, this was the weakest.  There are multiple reasons for this, I think.  The first is that this match was chock full of some young guys with very little experience in Arena Mexico.  The veterans in the match are second and third match type guys, and in my opinion, didn't shepherd the guys thru the match as well as the vets had in the past. 

Second, the more experienced guys in this group were out relatively early.  Of the first five eliminations, Tiger Kid, Rey Escorpion, and Puma King - three of the more experienced guys in the tournament, were eliminated.  While Fuego, Arkangel and Virus lasted awhile in the match, the end of the match seriously lacked a steady smooth tecnico to settle things down.  In fact, Fuego looked the smoothest in the match, but the second best looking was the winner, Angel de Oro. 

In all, this is a somewhat long and skippable match.  Nothing really crazy and innovative, and a lot of sloppy ranas and pinfalls. 

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