Tuesday, July 05, 2011

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Today the Trial of Casey Anthony concluded, and she was found not guilty of all but one charge, which was essentially lying to the police.  A ton of people are in an uproar. 
I, however, have tried as little as possible to pay attention to this trial, but it got so big in the media it was hard not to at least hear about it. For example, my gym, for some ungodly unknown reason, keeps the televisions in the cardio area on HLN, which for the last few months/years, has been the Casey Anthony Channel. Plus, people on the radio are talking about it, etc. 
Everyone outraged over the verdict needs to keep a few things in mind. 
  • The prosecution failed to provide a murder weapon
  • The prosecution failed to produce a conclusive method of death
  • The prosecution failed to produce a time of death
From what I have gleaned, the biggest evidence against Casey was that she was a shitty mother. Although her parenting skills have turned public opinion against her, her abilities as a parent do not provide anything other than motive. The prosecution went ahead with a trial without any hard physical evidence that implicated Casey Anthony beyond a reasonable doubt.  Look at it this way; Did the prosecution answer "Who, What, When, Where, Why and How"?  No, they did not.  All they had was a dead child, and a crappy parent.  With that kind of hard physical evidence, what do you expect to happen other than a verdict of "Not Guilty"? When you also factor in the shenanigans with meter-reader Roy Kronk and George Anthony (who looks like an old-ass Shocker), you have a case just full of holes. The prosecution did not do enough to fill those holes. 

Adding to the fun, a lot of the physical evidence attached to the case didn't necessarily implicate Casey Anthony.  The chloroform, the duct tape and the sticker, the decomposed body tissue in the trucnk,   - none of this evidence was ever directly tied to Casey Anthony, who had a couple of parents herself that seemed to be involved in the crime in some way.  What proof was presented that Casey, and not one of her parents did any of that stuff? My understanding is that most of the evidence was circumstantial, and that the defense punched holes in the theories the prosecutor provided. 

According to this study, approximately 1700 children were killed due to abuse or neglect in 2009 - I hope those victims gets the same amount of attention from the media as Caylee Anthony did.

The Cincinnati Reds are not falling apart, but they certainly have to get their shit together.  The epic pitching duel last night between Carpenter and Cueto was the kind of loss where you tip your cap and move on, but the loss tonight was just a bunch of bad decisions it seemed.  Volquez had been solid since his return from Louisville, but his first inning woes returned again tonight as he gave up two homers.  The killer was the second funkblast given up to Holliday, which was made worse with Janish's error keeping the inning alive.  Then, the bullpen opened the floodgates. 

I do not really have an answer.  Those that point the finger at Dusty do it as reactionaries, as Dusty cannot go out there and hit for guys that are slumping.  Could the Reds use an upgrade in some areas?  Sure.  But is Zach Cozart, a rookie with no majors experience, going to give you substantially more than Renteria?  Does he have better defense than Janish?  Giving up the farm for the Mets' Reyes (who is a free agent) is not a wise move.  I would love to see Heisey get a shot to play every day in left field. Stubbs needs to be moved down to the bottom of the order.  But there is not really a solution to Bruce and Votto slumping.  Rolen just doesn't have the power he used to.  The rotation has been a headache, but it is because guys just cannot put together two consistent outings (aside from Cueto).  For my money, I think Arroyo is hurt.  I think Volquez lacks confidence.  Bailey has been pretty consistent, but injured.  Leake has been pretty solid recently, but not earlier this year.  


So, there isn't much to this column, but I am going to start writing some of my random collected thoughts here on a more regular basis.  I have quite a few things that I have been speaking my mind about recently in various media, and I am going to start doing a little more collecting it in one place, and cleaning it up a bit.  I am not going to do it every day, but I would like to do it two-three times a week. 

I am also thinking of starting up a podcast.  

All in all, I am somewhat at a point in my life and my wrestling career where I totally do not mind calling people out on their bullshit.   I enjoy that I get under the skin of some people.  The truth is, I have always been very approachable and open about my opinions, and about the way the business works, and the way that I thinks should work.  I have a lot of stories and stuff that need told.  I have been sitting on some stuff for quite a long time.  Recently I was accused of posting things anonymously on messageboards, which is hilarious.  I post and respond to a ton of things on Twitter and Facebook, plus I dabble on the DVDVR.  
Oh, and I have this blog.  Since people like to put words in my mouth, I have decided to help clear things up and post more and more of my opinions.  Hell, I might even tell some stories and stuff.  Since so many people like to talk but have nothing to say, I have decided to be someone that has actual viewpoints and can talk about them logically. 

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