Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #144: Jericho vs. Storm

Chris Jericho vs. Lance Storm
8 December, 1995
Ota-ku Taiikukan; Tokyo, Japan

The tights Jericho is wearing in this match are swank. 

This match appears to be Storm's debut in Japan, but I am having a helluva time finding a full list of WAR results to verify this.  If you have read Chris Jericho's first book, you know that Storm and Jericho trained together, and tagged in various independent promotions as the Thrillseekers.

As you can tell from the promo that opens this video, Storm is being built up as a tag team partner of Jericho, and gunning to make a name for himself in WAR/Japan.  In the match, I think that Jericho looks a bit more polished, but that may just be because he is controlling the match as the rulebreaker. 

The pace of this match is pretty fast - not a lot of matwork or rest holds.  This was the popular "New Japan Junior Style", which is where a lot of the WCW Cruiserweight and ECW style actually came from, which in turn has influenced Ring of Honor, the X-Division, and countless independent promotions.  It really is a very solid style - it is simply fast paced wrestling. 

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