Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #143: Santo & Villano vs Benoit & Casas

Hijo del Santo & Villano III vs Pegasus Kid & Negro Casas
19 January, 2002
Toreo Cuatros Caminos; Naulcalpan, Mexico

Part 2

This match is from 1992.  It is very sloppy by today's standards.  However, by 1992 standards, this was just plain ol' non-stop action. 

UWA came and went before I ever saw a lucha libre match, so I have no context for the style of the match.  I do know that for a big main event type of tag match, this seems to go short.  Benoit is taking full speed crisp bumps, while the native Mexicans are rolling thru most things - a testament to Benoit having things drilled into him at the New Japan dojo. 

I totally expected a more technical match here, so I was disappointed that it was just a wild brawl.  I dunno if it was editing or the UWA style, but it was really hard to tell when one fall ended and the next began. 

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