Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #137: Chris Benoit vs. Juventud Guerrera

Chris Benoit vs. Juventud Guerrera
Aired 13 October, 1996
Universal Studios; Orlando, FL

So, this match was taped at some date before October of 1996.  Since WCW did so many tapings to closed studio audiences at Universal Studios (where TNA now tapes their events), not a lot of dates for these matches are known.  You see, this was right at the dawn of the internet age, and you were still able to actually hold an event and not have the results leaked out in advance on the internet.  Because of this, WCW would do tapings at relatively unknown times, and they could edit up the stockpile of matches they had and broadcast them at anytime.  Chris Benoit has a match on PPV next Sunday?  No problem, stick in a match that was taped whenever for the syndicated show on Saturday featuring Chris Benoit. 

At this point, Juvi was pretty much a brand new face in WCW, fresh from ECW and AAA.  So, he is going balls to the wall at this taping, attempting to earn a spot on the live events more often, and he is doing it against Chris Benoit, who prides himself on having the best match possible with whomever he is in the ring with.  So, essentially what you have here is an insanely fast paced five minute match with these two guys going balls-to-the-wall, and the crowd of tourists cheering madly for everything that happened. 

Nice solid five minute match. 

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