Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #136: Muta, Atlantis & Dragon vs. Wagner, Aguayo & Guerrero

Great Muta, Atlantis & Ultimo Dragon vs. Dr. Wagner Jr., El Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Ultimo Guerrero
13 May, 2006
Arena Mexico; Mexico City, Mexico

Part 2   Part 3 (overlaps with Pt. 2 until about 4:30)

Back in 2006, the Great Muta made his first trip over to Mexico for about a week, to work a handful of shows - all of them in Mexico City for CMLL - except this one, which was a show promoted by Ultimo Dragon in Arena Mexico.  This particular match was a "parejas incredibles" match, which usually means that enemies are teaming up.  In this situation, it kinda just meant that teams were being thrown together. 

Muta was a tecnico here, and was obviously going to team with Ultimo Dragon.  However, Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero were tag team partners here (and in an angle where Ultimo gave his normal partner Rey Buccanero the boot for Atlantis), so they were split up.  Wagner was arguable they top tecnico in the company at that point (behind Mistico only), and Perrito was the top rudo, so they were naturally teamed together.  The result was a pretty shitty match. 

There isn't a lot technically wrong with the match, but it is seriously lacking in workrate.  By the way Muta came down the steps to the ring, it looked like his knees were not prepared to do a whole helluva lot.  And, when given the chance, Perrito, Dragon and Wagner are perfectly capable of mailing it in.  So, that is what we got here - a lot of doing a couple basic moves, followed by pausing, posing, playing to the crowd, and then slowing things down even more. 

This is definitely a match that you can point to and say "Lucha sucks - it doesn't have any psychology to it", because this match didn't tell any kind of story except for "Hey, look!  It's Muta in Mexico!"

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