Monday, June 06, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #133: Ultimo Guerrero vs. Ultimo Dragon

Ultimo Dragon vs. Ultimo Guerrero
19 July, 2005
Korakuen Hall; Tokyo, Japan
CMLL Light Heavyweight Championship Match

You are probably viewing this and thinking that I am an idiot, that is obviously not Ultimo Dragon, it is Tiger Mask.  No, it is Ultimo Dragon paying tribute to Tiger Mask in this match as "Ultimo Tiger". 

There isn't really a lot in this match, and I was greatly disappointed.  I didn't figure that Dragon would be in his mid-90s form here (especially right after his disastrous WWE run), but I was hoping that he would bring it against Guerrero in a big singles match.  However, he didn't.  I am not going to say Guerrero was lazy in this match, but he was very content to work ultra-rudo, and he garnered a ton of heat with all of the mask ripping, and having interference from his seconds at ringside. 

I was expecting more swank matwork here, and although there was a bit at the beginning, the match was somewhat too one-sided for Guerrero, which got a ton of heat from the live crowd, but didn't make for a memorable match, in my opinion. 

The mask vs. mask challenges afterward were pretty pointless as well.  As far as I can tell, the two men agrees to the match in Japan, but it never happened. Challenges like that are thrown around all the time in Mexico, but it was odd to see that on a "major" independent show in Japan.  Unless Dragon was thinking about cashing out, but had second thoughts...

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