Wednesday, June 01, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #132: LA Park vs El Dandy

LA Park vs. El Dandy
15 October, 2004
Salon 21; Mexico City, Mexico
Mexican Light Heavyweight Championship Match

Part 2   Part 3

To any true lucha libre fan, there are few things that irk them more than someone saying "Who are you to doubt El Dandy?".  The line actually was funny when Bret Hart said it on a WCW telecast back in 1998, but the joke was funny because Dandy was an awesome wrestler that was completely being misused in WCW - and a match with Bret Hart and Dandy probably would have been excellent. 

The fact is, Dandy was a damn good wrestler.  From the mid-1980s until he left for WCW in the mid-1990s, Dandy was one of the top draws in Mexico, and was putting on some spectacular matches.  A lot of these matches are hard to find now, so many gringos only know him from his work in WCW - where he was simply mexican enhancement talent.  WCW ended up making him a total joke later on, by teaming him with Silver King as "Los Fabulosos".  Although that could have been an awesome tag team if given a chance, they really just wore ridiculous outfits and were a random team for Stacy Kiebler to manage - and she got all the attention. 

In 2004 when this match took place, Dandy was well past his prime, but was still ale to go, especially against a guy like LA Park.  This match took place in the ENESMA promotion, which wasn't around very long.  This title switch, and the subsequent rematch, were highlights of the promotion before it closed up shop. 

Enjoy this match, and actually check out the work of El Dandy. 

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