Wednesday, June 01, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #131: Wagners vs. Parks

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Dr. Wagner III vs. LA Park & Hijo de LA Park
15 May, 2011
Arena Lopez Mateos; Tlalnepantla, Mexico

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This was the main event of the 44th Anniversary Show for Arena Lopez Mateos, a medium-sized lucha venue just outside of Mexico City.  And by "medium-sized", I mean that it seats a couple thousand.  This match that appears to have sold the building out, and probably should have gotten more attention than it really did.  It probably did not because it was on an independent show, and not in CMLL or AAA. 

Hijo de LA Park has been wrestling sporadically since 2008, mostly under the name of "Black Spirit".  Right around the time that LA Park returned to AAA, Park acknowledged that this was his son, and he started using the family name.  Since he has become a regular in PdM and IWRG, and occasionally pops up at his father's side in AAA. 

Wagner III debuted to much fanfare (and surprise) in 2010, and has been booked at the top of the card on smaller shows, and often looks like a rookie.  Part of the shock behind Wagner's debut was that he was debuted by his mother (Rossy Moreno), and claimed that the "Dr. Wagner" name was passed to him from his grandfather, Dr. Wagner Sr., before his death, and not by his father.  Any controversy surrounding the situation was cleared up when the father and son appeared together - often fighting the Parks. 

Much like the Silver King/ParkAAA/Wagner/Park match a few reviews back, this match was a fun brawl that had the crowd into it for around forty-five minutes.  That is a testament to the chemistry that the elder Park/Wagner combo have with each other, as well as their ability and willingness to not expose their children.  Think about it - these two kids are 20-22 years old and have only been wrestling a couple of years, and just went out and worked a forty-five minute match with their fathers that the crowd was hot for the entire time.  The elders could have easily gone out there and took a night off, and let their kids go out and have a spot fest, followed by a schmozz into the crowd when it came time for them to do some work.  Instead we had a lot of father/son interaction and combo moves, as well as the elders taking the majority of the workload, so that the kids could shine. 

I wouldn't really recommend this match if you are looking for a solid "wrestling match", but if you enjoy watching around the arena brawls hit a hot crowd, this is pretty good. 

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