Monday, May 23, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #129: Park & King vs. Wagner & Parka

LA Park & Silver King vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. & La ParkAAA Jr.
27 February, 2011
Arena Naucalpan; Naucalpan, Mexico

Part 2

This match just randomly took place back in February on an IWRG show in their home arena of Arena Naucalpan.  This was a pretty damn big main event, considering that none of these guys regularly appear in IWRG, and this was a match that AAA hadn't even ran on one of their own shows, let alone on television. 

The background is pretty simple: LA Park is the original and one true La Parka, and La ParkAAA Jr. is an impostor, so naturally they hate each other.  Park is also arch-enemies with Dr. Wagner Jr.  Wagner is the younger brother of Silver King, who resents Wagner for carrying on their father's gimmick when he views himself as the better wrestler (thus the re-masking with a look similar to that of Doc).  Since Wagner and Park are enemies, King and Parka are enemies as well... and via the ol' "enemy of my enemy is my friend" school of thought, we get the teams of Park/King and Parka/Wagner. 

This match is a ridiculous brawl, but in a good way.  The match is in two clips just under fifteen minutes each, but has been edited.  Reports were that this match actually went close to an hour.  There is plenty to see here though, and it probably only helps that a lot of posing and brawling was cut out. 

Essentially, what you have here are four guys beating the shit out of each other with anything not nailed down.  There are some ridiculously wicked chair shots in this match - and not with folding chairs, but hard plastic ones.  However, the match does not cross into your typical AAA-type senseless brawl, nor does it turn into a bloody death match.  What you have here are four guys working a total house-show style where they do a lot of things that make a lot of noise and look and sound painful, but are built up to well within the confines of the match. 

Sure, a lot of people are going to watch this and it is going to seem like a typical fancam of an indy show that has a huge brawl.  That is totally not what this is.  Yeah, it is not a five-star classic by any means, but this match is exactly what the fans paid to see that night: Parkas and Wagners in a wild brawl.  There were not any ridiculous contrived spots like you might see in a AAA or indy brawl, but you did get some solid stuff - like the chairshots and the backdrop into the wood ramp.  Wagner took a nasty powerbomb on some chairs out on the floor.  These guys went out and busted their ass to put on a match, and it was a helluva match.  Perhaps the best around-the-arena brawl I have seen in quite awhile. 

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