Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #128: Quackenbush vs. Capri

Vic Capri vs. Mike Quackenbush
8 February, 2002
Indianapolis, IN

Part 2

IWA-MS is where this match took place, and they were a damn unique promotion for a lot of different reasons.

I personally never worked there, as I heard too many horror stories about pay and lockerroom behavior, so I tried to keep my distance.  In the late 1990's, IWA-MS was a promotion known for ridiculous amounts of hardcore brawling, and "ultra-violent" death matches, but they always had a steady stream of solid wrestling talent, particularly graduates of Les Thatcher's school in Cincinnati.  Jim Cornette, running the same town (Louisville) as IWA-MS, did a lot to perpetuate that all IWA-MS was were blood and guts, however they did have a lot of un-necessary deathmatches just for the sake of having deathmatches, which ended up making the company look bad.

When the early 2000s rolled around, an influx of talent from the Chicagoland area actually turned IWA-MS into a hotbed for the new "super indy" style of wrestling.  At the time a lot of wrestlers like CM Punk, Colt Cabana, Ace Steel, Chris Hero, BJ Whitmer, Alex Shelly, Jimmy Jacobs, Super Hentai and more were working with IWA-MS on a regular basis, and although they were still having deathmatches, IWA-MS also become well known for their "Strong Style" and "Sweet Science" tournaments that featured super-indy wrestling. 

This match is from 2002 and is one of those types of matches.  Vic Capri was a midwest guy that would end up doing television for WWE a few times and getting a good look by them (if he wasn't under contract... he may have been if he was on television).  Quack had just made his debut in IWA-MS before this match, which is right around the same time he started the Chikara Wrestlefactory.  This match was simply the booking of a midwest guy against an east coast guy, and hoping that the matchup would be intriguing enough to sell videos on the internet.

I like this match.  There are a couple rough spots, but it is well built and has a good flow to it.  Most of the match is built around Quack using his speed and Capri using his strength, but Capri does end up pulling off some impressive aerial stuff.  Quack uses the Quackendriver to get the pinfall, which I do not like, simply because Capril seems too big for the much smaller Quack to muscle up there and hit with this... especially since Quakc didn't really use any other "big moves" to wear down Capri for the driver.
I would have maybe had Capri kick out of the driver, and then when Quack went for it again, Capri attempt a powerful move of his own, only for Quack to turn it into a roll-up.  I dunno.  I just do not like watching a smaller guy nail a power move on a bigger guy.  Just my psychology.

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