Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #127: Scott Hall vs. Justin Credible

Scott Hall vs. Justin Credible
11 November, 2000
Mid-Hudson Civic Center; Poughkeepsie, NY

Part 2

By the end of 2000, Scott Hall had lost his job with WCW.  In general, he drank his way out of a job.  In a way it is sad, because a lot of the success behind the NWO angle there is directly attributable to him. 

Justin Credible had been on a ridiculous streak in ECW, and had reached the apex of that promotion when he won the Heavyweight Championship in April.  A hot feud with Tommy Dreamer and Raven followed, but by October concussion issues forced Credible to the sidelines for awhile. 

At this point in 2000, WCW and ECW were both sinking ships.  ECW was essentially biding its time until WWF took over on TNN.  WCW was hemorrhaging money, and although no one really knew it, AOL/Time Warner were looking to sell. 

So, Scott Hall popped in for a weekend double-shot of ECW shows, and on the second night, he squared off in a match with his old buddy from the WWE "cliq" days, Justin Credible.  The match was taped for television, but never aired.  The only footage out there is on RF's fancam of the show. 

The match itself was pretty basic - Credible and Hall mostly ran thru their big spots, got the crowd hot, and then had a finish that sent the fans home happy.  Hall actually looks pretty sober and ready to work here, but you can tell he doesn't have the wind to go fifteen minutes.  Credible is obviously calling the match here, and he makes sure that Hall gets all of his signature stuff in. 

Which is weird.  This is in upstate New York, not Philadelphia.  So these aren't the infamous Philly/ECW Arena fans.  Still, these are ECW fans, and they just popped like mad for Scott Hall, and everything he did.  Kinda makes you wonder why guys like Dreamer stayed loyal to ECW and killed their bodies for years, when a guy who represented everything about politics/mailing it in walks thru teh curtain and gets a pop like that... and for everything he did.  Crazy.  Kinda makes you re-think everything about the ECW crowd being smart, discriminating fans, huh? 

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