Monday, May 16, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #125: Escorpion vs. Delta

Rey Escorpion vs. Delta
13 May, 2011
Arena Mexico; Mexico City, Mexico
Forjando un Ídolo - Quarterfinal Match

I <3 Alexis Slazar for posting a ton of these tournament videos... but not as much as I <3 luchadors entering the ring to songs in English, full of profanity.  I always used to get a kick out of watching AAA on Galavision on Antifaz entering the ring to the album version of "The Next Episode".  I wonder if anyone at CMLL knows that Shocker uses 2 Live Crew's "Fuck Shop" for music...


A few weeks back I reviewed the LocoMax/Escorpion apuesta match, and in it I stated that Escorpion was a veteran guy who was just now getting a break, and was looking to make the most of it.  About a month later, he is in Arena Mexico mixing it up with the CMLL Heavyweight Champion, and has the crowd treating Ultimo Guerrero like he is the biggest babyface crusader for truth and fairness in the sport.  I think he is making the most of his opportunity for sure!

This match has a pretty simple layout, and it is pretty effective in telling the story.  Essentially, this tournament for young up-and-comers in CMLL has established Escorpion as a dirty cheating sumbitch, and Delta is a young highflyer getting a nice rookie push in CMLL.  The crowd is mega behind Delta here (which you can actually hear with no commentary on top - nice!), so Escorpion lays a nice long beating into him to build up the sympathy - and to establish that Delta is going to be hard for Escorpion to keep down.  There were some insane dives here, and Escorpion nearly busted his head open early in the match on a tope to the outside. 

It was nice to see Escorpion try to pull off the big win by nailing one of his coach's moves (the top rope powerbomb) to no avail - not only did it get over the concept of Guerrero actually mentoring the guy, but it showed that even one of the top dog's moves were not enough to put Delta away. 

Thus, you actually had some crowd heat when Escorpion tried for the pinfall with is feet on the ropes, and Guerrero knocked them off, allowing Delta to cradle Escorpion for the pin.  Unlike the situation in the review I just did, here CMLL has taken a month to build toward one specific reaction, and to build to a future match.  In this match, not only did the crowd pop for Delta getting a win, but now the fans seem to be excited to see Guerrero get in the ring with Escorpion and teach him a lesson.  CMLL may have some wacky booking at times, but they have done a great job of interweaving different angles with this tournament, and none perhaps as well as this.  You have a guy that a month ago lost his hair in Puebla to LocoMax that the fans want to see one-on-one with the CMLL Heavyweight Champion.  Booking 101. 

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