Monday, May 16, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #124: Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan

Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan
10 May, 2011
Bridgestone Arena; Nashville, TN

This match review was requested by DDK, who hates the WWE, but continues to watch, and seems to be on a mission to convert me. 

Sin Cara = Mistico, and I have reviewed a number of his matches on here before.  I am usually extra critical of him, because when he was hitting on all cylinders in CMLL, he was damn good, but when he doesn't give a shit, he can be really sloppy and repetitive.  Daniel Bryan is the former Brian Danielson, and someone who I have seen and enjoyed many matches with, but I do not think I have reviewed yet. 

For a WWE match, I enjoyed this match.  However, I do not cut anyone slack for having a good "WWE match", as this is my blog, and it is about wrestling, so I compare it to the finest wrestling from around the world.  This was a good meshing of two guys who really work totally different styles, but both men have enough international experience that they are able to mix things well.  Cara is obviously very experienced with lucha, but he also made a few appearances with New Japan, and before that some of the smaller groups in Japan (when he was Astro Boy or Konami).  Bryan went to AAA a few times, but also wrestled quite a lot in NOAH, and I believe at one time trained at the Inoki Dojo.  In other words, these guys were able to layout a decent match with some different stuff, while also keeping it pretty basic which is a must by WWE standards. 

Most of this match is very solid, but there isn't anything spectacular.  It is sad how little actual wrestling that WWE actually presents, that a lot of the basic (or, probably more accurate to say "commonplace") moves and holds done here get a massive reaction from the crowd.  I can't imagine an Arena Mexico or Sumo Hall crowd popping for a headscissors or a headlock take over like the Nashville crowd did here.  And at the same time, I cannot imagine the crowd at the Nashville Fairgrounds popping for these things either. That certainly does not take away from what the guys did - a solid basic match should get a good reaction, no?

I guess my overall opinion of this match is that it was damn good for a WWE match.  I would love to see these guys have a halfhour to do their thing on a house show or something...

Now, to really bitch about something...

I do not watch much WWE, but I hear enough about Sin Cara to know that they havent been doing this thing with Chavo Guerrero Jr. "mentoring" him very long.  In fact, this may have been the first night it happened. Chavo was actually pretty funny on commentary, taking credit for the moves Cara was doing and so forth.  Then, Chavito helps Cara win by grabbing Bryan's foot.  After the match, Cara distances himself from Chavito, and pushes him.


When you have an obvious babyface wrestler like Cara, and you have a fuckton of television on each week to further a great angle, why would you totally blow the load for this in one night?  For the sake of all good and holy, why wouldn't you have Sin Cara, the lovable high-flying foreigner who cannot speak the language, be hoodwinked by Chavito for a couple of months and build heat from it?  Have the fans want to see Cara finally figure out that Chavito is helping him cheat, and then give them the big payoff of Cara and Chavito coming to blows.  Why the bloody hell would you blow thru months of heat building and an angle that could make some serious money (and have someone cutting promo for Cara, which is necessary in the world of the WWE) in one night?  That is something that should have happened at SummerSlam!

Oh, and I really hate when the WWE signs second and third generation type stars, often simply because the previous generation performer was a big name, only to then re-gimmick and package them as something different... and then often reference who they are related to.  Then, at the same time, they openly have other second generation guys openly claiming their heritage.  In this segment, on commentary, Guerrero talks about how he is a third generation star and has a ton of experience from all of that heritage, and then turns around and (essentially) says that Cara is a rookie with no experience.  Well, for one, Cara has been wrestling in Mexico for at least ten years, under a number of aliases.  In addition, he is a second generation wrestler, as he is the acknowledged son of the original Dr. Karonte (never a big star, but someone with a lot of "juniors" running around), and the acknowledged nephew of a major Mexican star, Tony Salazar.  Mistico/Cara has always had his roots somewhat shrouded in secrecy, mostly because Salazar works in the office for CMLL, and the relationship between the "Astro Boy" family, the Karonte's and the Salazars has never been discussed openly.  But, if the WWE is going to have a big press conference and acknowledge that Sin Cara is the artist formerly known as Mistico, why would you then deny he is Mistico?


  1. Nice review, though I firmly view anything in the WWE as being WWE standard and adjust my expectations accordingly. But that's missing the point.

    I think that Chavo's trying to take credit for Sin Cara, thus building heel heat and generally annoying Cara to the point where the crowd wants Cara to hit Chavo for being a damn liar. I think.

    It's pretty much a stop gap for Cara, anything else and I'd be worried.

  2. I dunno if the intent is for Cara to 'tread water" with Chavo, or if this is supposed to be a legitimate feud, but they took the set-up for a solid long-term program and blew it all in one segment.

    My write up of this match was raked over the coals over on Facebook for me not being patient and giving the WWE time to build this angle... I cannot wait to find out if they followed up on this past last night's PPV...