Wednesday, May 04, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #120 - Wagner & Mesias vs. Park & Damian666

Dr. Wagner Jr. & El Mesias vs. Damian666 & LA Park
21 March, 2011
Domo de la Feria: Leon, Mexico

I saw this match getting a lot of love over at the Death Valley Driver, so I decided to check it out and see what all the hype was about. 

Although there is some good stuff in this match, it is a great example of why I do not watch as much AAA as I do CMLL and IWRG when it comes to my wrestling viewing habits.  Mesias has always been a solid hand, and Damian is a damn workhorse.  I love the schtick of Park and Wagner, and when they bring their working boots against each other, it can be a damn good match.  However, what we have here is essentially twenty minutes of brawling.   Which is what a lot of the stuff in AAA tends to break down into. 

In a way, i guess it all just comes down to preference.  You could easily look at IWRG and say that it is a lot of guys just exchanging technical holds, or watch CMLL and say it is a lot of guys doing a couple basic moves, playing to the crowd, and then doing a dive.  Fair enough.  I tend to like that style more personally, and thus the AAA product appeals to me less.  I have always viewed most AAA after their initial '90s boom as a hybrid between the further out-there aspects of lucha, crossed with all of the bad parts of ECW. 

To me, what is crazy is that I have seen plenty of matches with Park and Wagner where they show themselves to be well rounded wrestlers who can put on a great match without going overboard with the brawling.  Yet, often when you get them together, everything turns into a brawl where guys just take turns wacking each other with stuff until someone pulls a mask or does a foul, etc.  In AAA it doesn't even stand out as much, because that kind of stuff happens almost every match. 

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