Monday, April 25, 2011

WWC presents "Fallout" May 14th in Aberdeen, OH

Because "May-hem" is a corny name!
SATURDAY May 14th - 7:00pm

The World Wrestling Coalition returns to action with another big event: "Fallout".  The action takes place at the Municipal Building in Aberdeen, OH, located at 99 Main Cross St.  The venue is just across the bridge from Maysville, Germantown, and Mayslick on the Kentucky side of the river, and from Ripley, West Union and Russellville on the Ohio side! 

Doors open for the event at 6:30pm, and show time is 7:00pm.  Tickets are only $8 at the door, and only $6 in advance at any of WWC's ticket outlets!

Matches already signed for this event include...

WWC Tag Team Championship Match
the Solar Powers: Jake Ashworth & Eclipso
defend the championship against
the Brotherhood: Marvel Trice & Princeton Travis
Will Profit's duo of Eclipso & Ashworth have become one of the most popular duos in WWC history, and have proven to be virtually unbeatable as a team.  However, Patrick Black's Brotherhood have been a thorn in their side, desperately grasping at any opportunity to gain the Tag Team Championship.  Although the Solar Powers retained their championship at "Last Laugh" with a pinfall victory, it was not without controversy.  Due to interference and questionable judgment calls by referees Kara Killdare and the controversial Adam Fusion during the April title match, Black has petitioned the WWC Championship Committee for yet another championship match.  The committee has granted Black's request under two conditions.  One, it will be the final challenge that Trice & Travis will have for the championship.  The second stipulation is that Patrick Black will be banned from the arena.  Will the Solar Powers turn away the challenge of the Brotherhood for the last time, or will the Brotherhood finally stand on their own as champions without help from Black? 

WWC Heavyweight Championship Match
"Dangerous" Damien Kass
will defend the championship against
Dean "the Dream" Jablonski
Previously announced as the challenger for the WWC Heavyweight Championship on April's "Last Laugh" event, Dean Jablonski, was forced to pull out of this match due to a scheduling conflict.  With DDK having retained the Heavyweight Championship in a match with North American Champion Jimmy Malloy on that card, the WWC Championship Committee has determined that  Jablonski will get his shot at the championship at "Fallout"! Back in February DDK defeated Jablonski to become to earn a title shot - a title shot that he has turned into a title reign!  Now, DDK must face off with Jablonski once again, but this time the championship will be on the line! Will DDK be successful in his second title defense, or will Jablonski win the championship for the first time?

"Re-Enforcer" Devlin Anderson
"Blacksheep" Benett Cole
At "Last Laugh" Devlin Anderson won a match to become the number one contender to the WWC Heavyweight Championship - a championship that Anderson desperately wants to regain from DDK.  However, moments after winning the match, Benett Cole entered the ring and took Anderson out with extreme prejudice.  In addition, Cole made an appearance after the Heavyweight Championship match that same evening, causing havoc.  Cole obviously has his sights set on the Heavyweight Championship, but the "Re-Enforcer" stands in his way. This match is sure to be a slobberknocker, with championship implications!

Grudge Match
"Soviet Shooter" Nikita Allanov
goes one-on-one with
Canada's Terry Reines
Terry Reines is a former WWC North American Champion, and a former stablemate of Nikita Allanov in "International Incident".  However, when Allanov and tag partner Ed Gonzales lost the WWC Tag Team Championship, the finger of blame was pointed at Reines, who suddenly found himself as a man with no friends.  For months now Reines has been a thorn in the side of International Incident, and at "Fallout", it all comes to a head when the "Soviet Shooter" squares off with the Canadian mat technician for the first time!  

"Prettyboy" Jimmy Malloy
will be in action, defending the
WWC North American Championship
Fan Favorite Jimmy Malloy has stated to the WWC Championship Committee that he is a fighting champion, and is willing to defend the championship against all challengers to his title.  Who will the committee deem as the top challenger for the Malloy's championship at "Fallout"?

Three big championship matches, and much more, including many of your WWC favorites and new exciting talent that is looking to make waves in front of the World Wrestling Coalition fans!  Plus, there are always surprises and more from the World Wrestling Coalition - "Fallout" promises to be a great event for wrestling fans of all ages!

Discounted presale tickets are currently available - for more info, check out!
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