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"Project 33" - Match #118: SATs vs. Juvi & Psicosis

Joel Maximo & Jose Maximo vs. Juventud Guerrera & Psicosis
6 November, 2004
Sportatorium; McKeesport, PA

This is a rare occasion when I am watching something from a show that I worked on that I have never seen on video before.  This was probably one of the most expensive matches that Jim Miller's promotion ever produced, and I am pretty sure very little was done to promote the match, as it was not the promoter's money being used to pay for it.  But, I digress...

The SATs had been appearing on shows for a couple months, and were essentially thorns in the side of manager BC Steele.  I think it was because when they were announced on a show as coming into the promotion, Steele claimed he was bringing them in, but when they arrived, they had no clue who he was, so he swore to run them out of town.  At least I think that was the idea, many times ideas involving Steele simply let to him bumping his ass off multiple times on every show, thus keeping him from ever getting any heat that might help draw. 

For this match, Steele brought in Juvi & Psicosis to destroy the SATs.  This was shortly before the two of them (and Super Crazy) would end up in the WWE as the "Mexicools".  As I said before, the promoter wasn't actually paying any of these guys to work the show - a third party was paying for them to work the show so they could videotape the match, so they could sell it.  I'm sure it is part of your video library, right?  Anyway, it was only a few days before the show that Juvi & Psicosis were mentioned on the promotion's website (I know, because I was helping book, and running the website.  Winning!), so having this "dream match" probably led to about ten more tickets being purchased (or twelve more hotdogs sold... gotta keep the numbers relevant). 

I <3 the worlds worst fucking ring announcer Mark "Buff" Wilhelm for saying "ten minutes gone by, ten minutes remain" at the 4:28 mark, and calling out the fifteen minute mark at 8:50.  The entire match lasted 9:57 - what was the point?  Not only does your shitty match not add-up right, but you shaved time on a match that wasn't even going to a draw.  Although I totally disagree with it, I "get" why some people will shave a couple minutes off of a twenty minute time limit or whatever.  However,  why in the world you need to make a ten minute match seem like it went twenty is beyond me.  I mean, what if these guys went twelve minutes, and not ten - was fat fuck Buff gonna call for the bell because they went over his poorly mapped out time limit? 

As far as the match itself, I remember saying it then, and upon review I will say it again - this was the best match that I ever saw the SATs have.  Considering they worked TNA, ROH and a ton of other "super-indy" promotions at this point, you wouldn't think that they were going out of their way to bust ass against "names".  At the same time, Juvi & Psicosis were totally busting their ass here and not mailing it in either.  I honestly think that might have been because those Pittsburgh crowds were brutal, and they were in the back seeing how hard the boys were working all night to get a reaction from the crowd.

I think the SATs knew that their door of opportunity was slamming shut, and they had to do some impressive stuff and turn heads if they were ever going to sign a deal with the WWE.  Sure, there were not a million crazy spots and death defying dives - but that is the point.  A lot of the stuff the SATs always were criticized for was their sloppiness.  Often it was because they would try ridiculously complicated and insane spots that looked like bloody murder, and they would screw them up.  Other times, they would hit those highspots just fine, and screw up something basic like a bodyslam.  Here, we have Juvi & Psicosis who are willing to do some dives and some spots, but aren't going to do anything crazy that will injure them.  That reigned in the Maximos I think, and it let everyone concentrate on making simpler moves look better, and it paid off. 

It was weird to see Psicosis out there with the mask on, considering he lost it like five years earlier in WCW and everyone knew what he looked like.  On the other hand, no one in Pittsburgh that night probably knew that the fake hair under the mask was because he had been shaved bald a couple weeks earlier by LA Park in Tijuana. 

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