Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #117: SATs vs. Andrews & Shane

Joel Maximo & Jose Maximo vs. Scoot Andrews & Michael Shane
3 August, 2002
Wildside Arena; Cornelia, GA

I know that this match is joined in progress.  I know that it was poorly edited, so you do not see the finish.  But, it is the meat of the match, and all you are really missing is the Spanish Fly.  I feel the need to have more "Black Nature Boy" in this project.

In 2002 when this was taped, you could easily argue that "Black Nature Boy" was the best no-name indy-wrestler not under contract.  Michael Shane would go on to get a massive push in the early days of TNA, as he was a cousin of Shawn Michaels (and trained by him).  The SATs were everyones favorite spot monkeys from the northeast indy-circuit, and they were working Wildside on a pretty regular basis by this point.  NWA Wildside itself was a pretty important promotion at this time, because Bill Behrens, the group's promoter, was a television syndicator who had gotten the Wildside Television program on a ton of low-powered stations across the US via the "America One" network.  The group had a lot of buzz and was well-known for selling tapes of its events.  With the announcement of TNA forming in the near future, people were beating down the doors to get into Wildside, as behrens was going to be scouting talent for the company.

This match was honestly pretty basic by "normal" indy standards now.  A lot of this was pretty innovative back then however.  It was weird to see Andrews working hell here, as he was usually a pretty awesome babyface.  Shane would end up being a great cocky heel in TNA, but here is is just kind of a pretty boy going out and working the heat.  The SATs are sloppy, but over with the Wildside faithful. 

I'm not sure which Maximo is which, but whichever tagged in on the hot tag did a pretty bang up job.  That sequence and the lead up to the finish is pretty nice.  The Maximo that took the heat in this match was much sloppier, and represents what the typical opinion on the SATs work tends to be: sloppy.  Man, it woulda been nice to see that Spanish Fly, as it was a great sequence setting it up. 

Weird, this was somewhat of an indy "dream match" for that time period, and rather than being used to draw a house, it was given less than ten minutes on a random television taping.  I wonder what would have happened if this was given 20-25 minutes for Scoot & Shane to really work over the Maximos?  I wonder if Wildside ever sold enough videos to pay travel for these guys (NYC, TX, and FL are kinda far).  I wonder if these guys ever even got paid...

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