Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #116 - Escorpion vs. Angel de Oro

Escorpion vs. Angel de Oro
12 April, 2011
Arena Mexico; Mexico City, Mexico
Forjando un Idolo Tournament - Group Bravo

This was the type of match that I hope to see more of in the tournament!  Escorpion is just getting a break in CMLL, but he is a veteran rudo.  Angel de Oro is a young tecnico that CMLL is really high on (having already won the mask of the late Fabian el Gitano), so you would think this match would be about the veteran shepherding the youngster thru a solid well laid out match that makes sense - and it was exactly that! 

Some of Angel's spots did look a little rough, but Escorpion was able to control them and sell them enough to make things look good.  In addition, Escorpion really worked the idea over in the match that everything he was throwing at Angel wasn't enough to beat him, thus he had to pull the mask to get the win there (although he was caught). 

Escorpion just won the Gran Alternativa along side of Ultimo Guerrero, so you know that CMLL is high on him.  Add to that the angle and shoving match with Ultimo after this match, and I would wager that regardless of his advancement, Escorpion is soon going to be a bigger star than he is right now. 

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