Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #115 - Palacio Negro vs Rey Cometa

Palacio Negro vs Rey Cometa
12 April, 2011
Arena Mexico; Mexico City, Mexico
"Forjando un Idolo" Tournament - Group Bravo

This match was a mixed bag.  I expected a lot more from Rey Cometa, simply because he has years of experience on Palacio Negro.  Palacio is obviously someone CMLL is wanting to push, and push hard, but he only has a couple years of experience, and Cometa has been going strong for about a decade.  This should have been an excellent match, with Cometa shepherding Palacio thru the rough spots, and making this a well polished match. 

Instead, what we got was some swank matwork to start the match off, followed by a number of crazy dives and high flying moves that didn't look as smooth as they should have.  Hell, a couple of them were just outright blown.  It was hard to tell over the commentary, but it really sounded to me like the Arena Mexico crowd started shitting all over this match towards the finish.  It wasn't particularly bad, but when you try some much high risk stuff, some of it is going to be botched.  I wish these guys had went at it on the mat a bit more and cut out a couple of spots, and the match could have been better.  Remember, sometimes less is more. 

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