Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #114: Metal Blanco vs. Guerrero Maya

Metal Blanco vs. Guerrero Maya Jr. 
15 April, 2011
Arena Mexico; Mexico City, Mexico
"Forjando un Idolo" Tournament - Group Delta

Ok, over the next few weeks, you are probably going to see quite a few of these tournament matches, because 1) I love tournaments like this 2) I like watching these young guys in singles matches 3) CMLL seems to be uploading them fairly quickly. 

This tournament is the "Forging an Idol" tournament, in other words, it is a tournament designed to make a new star.  Not sure if there is any kind of prize, or how exactly it works past the group stage, but what CMLL has done is this: Sixteen promising young wrestlers have been divided into groups of four.  These groups each have a coach, and the group members will square off with each other round-robin style, and two group members will advance.  I think.  There are point totals given for win/loss/draw, so maybe it will just be the four group winners, and then the next four highest point totals?  I am not sure if it is another round-robin group after that, or if it is just a good ol' fashioned bracket-style tournament (or if they will seed by pint totals...).  All I know is that I am going to enjoy the youngsters going at it. 

This match pits rising star Metal Blanco against the son of Black Terry, the former Multifacetico III in IWRG, Guerrero Maya Jr.  I'm a big Multi fan, not real familiar with Blanco.  Right off the bat, I think Blanco looks too much like Sagrado.  A gimmick change or loss of mask is needed here.  Plus, if your name is "metal" anything, shouldn't your gear be shiny and metallic looking?

As far as the match goes, Maya looked way more polished than did Blanco.  When trying to lock in some complicated submissions, Blanco seemed to have trouble, while Maya did not.  Maya just seemed to have a smoother all around approach, and Blanco looked choppy.  Maybe it was nerves.  The finish was pretty nice, and got a great reaction from the crowd.  I really hope Maya winning here is a sign that he is going to do well in this tournament, because I dug his act as Multifacetico, and I would love to see him bring some of that IWRG style of work to these matches. 

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