Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #113: Averno vs. Mascara Dorada

Averno vs. Mascara Dorada
18 March, 2011
Arena Mexico; Mexico City, Mexico
NWA Heritage Middleweight Championship Match

This match was the semi-main event of Dos Leyendas, and was a far superior match to the main event.  However, I would believe that these two are capable of a much much better match. 

If you have been reading Project 33, then you have heard me describe in detail the "Ultimo Guerrero Formula" for working a match.  Averno is a slight step down from Ultimo Guerrero in the ring, but because he was the arch-nemesis of Mistico, Averno was a major player and was often booked higher than Guerrero.  Averno has a similar formula to Guerrero, although he does not seem to live and die by that formula: Medium length first fall, very short second fall, and long final fall full of near falls.  The Averno formula is essentially that whomever wins the first fall will be quickly caught by surprise in the second fall - within one or two moves.

Mascara Dorada is one of the most incredible high flyers that I have ever seen.  While he doesnt really bust anything out in this match that he hasn't done before, he does pull off a lot more of his signature flippyness than usual.  Dorada is a master at diving over the ropes, and/or using ropes as a springboard.  What impresses me the most about Dorada is how effortlessly he hurdles the ropes from the ramp, and hits a rana without ever touching anything.  It is crazy to have that kind of vertical jump and that hangtime.

I certainly do hate Dorada's outfit though.  Awesome mask, but a gay outfit.  It looks good when Mascarita Dorada wears it, but I think it looks cheap on the full grown Dorada.  I generally think the same thing about most "full body" outfits, including the inspiration for the outfit, Mascara Sagrada.  The crap outfit by Dorada is made up for by the badass all-black mask of Mephisto at ringside.  I also love Rush's boots/kneepad combo.  I think I will be stealing this idea soon.

One of the great things about Averno's formula is that it has a simple psychology to it.  The short second fall always seems to catch the guy off-guard, so the third fall becomes a "oh hell no, you did not" between both men.  Essentially, Averno's formula has turned the first two falls into the start of the comeback and the start of the build to the climax.  Here, Dorada nails Averno with a swank snap powerbomb, only for Averno to come right back and nail the Devil's Wings to get the second fall.  This leads to lots of big moves and crazy dives in the third fall.  Finally, Averno starts to realize he might not win this match, and gets a distraction from his partner at ringside, and used it to punch Dorada in the babymaker. 

This was a nice dirty win in a big match where it didn't take away from the show (because it wasn't the main event), but has established firmly that these two have unfinished business.

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