Wednesday, April 06, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #111: Los Truenos vs. Los Felinos Casas

Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno vs. Puma King & Tiger Kidd
18 January, 2011
Arena Coliseo; Guadalajara, Mexico

I was hoping that this match would be better than it was.  It was not bad at all - it was actually a decent little mid-card match that was virtually non-stop in pace, and had some cool combos from both teams. 

Los Truenos are two Guadalajara based wrestlers, Rey Trueno & Mr. Trueno, who are usually seen together.  They are not too bad, but they lack a certain pinace that would get them to Arena Mexico.  They are essentially the top local tag team in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara.  Puma King & Tiger Kidd are both known to be part of the Casas family tree, although no one is really sure how exactly they are related to each other - although the assumption is that they are the sons of Felino. 

The cool thing about this match was that it was virtually non-stop.  While it lacked the pure psychology of, for example, a Negro Navarro match, what this match does have is the psychology of speed.  You have rudos attempting to cheat behind the referees back, and you have tecnicos trying to pull off spectacular moves in retaliation.  The thing that is important here is that this is not a main event type match - this is a midcard match where the wrestlers are given the task of going out there and leaving it all in the ring to get the fans red-hot for the top of the card.  Since the Truenos are excellent bases and bump machines, the Cats can go out there and do all of their flashy moves. 

Personally, I would really enjoy a situation where the Cats started teaming as part of a trio with their (alleged) father Felino, and wrestling guys like Misterioso or Sangre Azteca.  They have enough flash to be higher on the card, and based on their family name, I am assuming they can go on the mat.  If guys like Rush can get a main event push....

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