Monday, April 04, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #109 - Moss vs. Devitt

Johnny Moss vs. Prince Devitt
11 December, 2009
Whitburn Academy; Bathgate, United Kingdom

Part 2

Holy crap was this match good!  I stumbled upon this and was surprised, because I hadn't seen a "Vigilante" Johhny Moss match in the better part of a decade.  I heard recently that he was signed by TNA while on one of their overseas trips; I do not know if that is true, but it wouldn't surprise me.  I first saw Moss work at the 2001 NWA Anniversary show in Tampa, and it was one of the stiffest matches ever. 

Anyhow, this match was at the tail end of 2009, so it was probably when Devitt had gone back home at the end of the year before New Japan started up the first tour of 2010.  He certainly didn't slack off here, as he did an insane dive, and a lot of high risk stuff. 

I wouldn't be shocked if Devitt and Moss had a lot of experience against each other, but these guys had a ridiculous chemistry in this match.  The match was structured well - straight strong style - with an incredible series of moves at the end.  Moss winning was very much a surprise, as Devitt was half of the reigning IWGP Junior Tag champs. 

This match is a great example of why I started this Project 33.  There is no reason that more people should not have seen this match, and that more independent wrestling matches should be like this.  This was an excellent 10-15 minute match with a ton of drama. 

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