Sunday, April 03, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #107 - Solar & Trauma I vs Negro Navarro & Trauma II

Solar & Trauma I vs Negro Navarro & Trauma II
2 April, 2011
Arena Lopez Mateos; Tlalnepantla, México

Part 2

I love watching these matches, but I should probably stop reviewing them, because I do not have much left to say about them.  All I can really say is that each time I see these guys work, I see 2-3 moves that I haven't seen before.  Crazy. 

I really doubt anything being shown at Sportsentertania 27 tonight will be as good as this match.  If you actually notice, you will see barbwire on the ropes that BlackTerryJr. is taping on for most of the match.  Notice how these four guys said "yeah, screw that", and about 2 minutes in had the fans chanting "Esto es lucha" based purely off of mat based wrestling?  Beautiful. 

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