Friday, April 01, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #103 - Lucha Cage Craziness!

El Hijo del Medico Asesino & Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Arenita & Super Crazy
30 March, 2011
Arena Aficion; Pachuca de Soto, Mexico

Part 2

This match ate a lot of balls. 

Lucha cage matches are usually different than what everyone else expects.  In the US, there are usually two kinds of cage matches; Escape the Cage matches, where the first man/team out of the cage wins, or a regular match contested inside the cage, to keep interference out.

In the world of lucha libre, cage matches tend to be of a different variety, where you pile as many men as possible into the cage, and then after a specific amount of time, everyone tries to escape the cage.  The last two men inside then square off with masks/hair on the line in a single-fall match. 

What tends to make lucha cage matches the drizzling shits however, is that they tend to lead to more and more interference.  The lucha cage match is the "Dusty Finish" of Mexico, where the biggest bait-and-switches are done and never deliver what is promised.  This is usually done by having men escape the cage, and then inexplicably re-enter, or by having people who were not originally involved in the match run-in after most of the bodies are out of the way, and get put into the match. 

Now, I have no idea how this match was promoted, but it doesn't appear to be a match where anything is on the line, such as the masks or hair.  After wild around the arena brawl, the rudos, Wagner & Medico, are in control and beating the tar out of Crazy and Arenita.  When the tecnicos turn the tide, Crazy escapes the cage, which leaves a two-on-one situation for the rudos.  But, inexplicably, another rudo enters the cage, and begins beating down Arenita as well, making it a three-on-one.  Crazy then returns to the match with Hijo del Park and I believe Fishman Jr., which makes it now four-on-three in favor of the tecnicos... which is not something that should happen.  Ever.  This brings out another masked rudo to even things out, and the guys all start pairing off and nailing each other with weapons and all sorts of half-assed crap.  Then Arenita appears to be tied down to the turnbuckle (hard to tell on the video, maybe he was just beat down in the corner), and Crazy is beat down, and all the rudos get the hell outta Dodge. 

Thus your losers are Super Crazy and Arenita, even though Crazy already left the cage, and four extra people interfered. 

While this wasn't a good match at all, at least there wasn't a bait-and-switch on someone losing their mask.  I have a feeling though, that if this feud continues, we are going to see someone with an inconsequential mask or a guy with hair end up in the match at random. 

This kinda crap happens all the time on smaller shows, and it just has gotta kill the town.  I have a DVD of some Tijuana show where a cage match with like twenty masked guys comes down to like Blue Demon Jr. and Mascara Sagrada, and suddenly guys start running back in, and eventually Kahoz Jr. beats Kato Kung Lee Jr. for his mask.  Dumb. 

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