Sunday, April 24, 2011

GALLI Results - 4/23/11

GALLI (23 April) Berwyn FOE Hall: Berwyn, IL
Attendance: 190 (Sell-out?)

1) Destructor Alfa def. Atomico by pinfall
2) Tom Heisman & Matt Creed def. Ovirload & Valentino by pinfall
3) Diego Corleone & Nikita Allanov def. Rose & Falcon by pinfall
4) Golden Star & Flash Metal def. Yakuza & El Payaso Blanco by pinfall
5) Los Odiados def. Jarod Priest & Craig Mitchell by pinfall
6) Emperador, Funebre & Ripper def. 450 Hammet, Tokyo Lee & Alex Ohlson by pinfall
7) Discovery, Furia Roja & Guardian def. Willie Richardson, Marshe Rocket & Acid Jazz by pinfall

All matches were one-fall.

Paired up with fellow veteran rudo Corleone in parejas action against two young gringos.  Corleone and myself pretty much dished out a beating to these two kids.  Falcon nailed me with a spinebuster-bomb after I attempted to powerbomb him, but I was able to kick out.  When he took too much time going up top for a frog splash, I moved, and when he stood up, he was met with a nasty Sickle, which got the pinfall.

I will hopefully be returning to action for GALLI when they return to Berwyn on May 21st...

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