Monday, April 11, 2011

A Commitment

So, I have had a pretty rough beginning of 2011, wrestling wise.  I have had some pretty decent matches and stuff, but for some reason, I have had a ton of health issues, and have been fighting off some nagging injuries at the same time.  I know that i can do better. 

Concurrently, I have been having a lot of positives in my personal life, and I have had to do a lot of adjusting in my life around that.  The biggest drag in my life is my job that pays the bills - but who doesn't have that problem, right?  I have a pretty physical job however, and trying to manage my injuries well enough to go grind it out at work everyday, train, and prepare to wrestle on the weekends has been kicking my ass. 

I have not been in the physical shape that I desire to be in.  Back in 2000, I suffered an injury trying to train in a style that I was not comfortable with.  I weighed 185lbs, and I made a commitment to be a heavyweight.  I have had a lot of success with that over the past ten years. 

Now, I am unable to train and workout the way that I want.  My body is also changing due to my age.  I have been trying to adapt my style and my workouts to it, but with little success, because I haven't gone all in.  When I was 185lbs, I dedicated myself to eating 3lbs of chicken and a cup of rice daily.  After about six months, I was around 215, and I was on my way. 

Now, at 33, I need to commit myself the same way to a different training regimen.  I cannot be the strongest guy in the ring anymore - my body just will not let me.  So, I need to stop training and eating that way.  I need to be quicker, yet strong.  I need to improve my already strong mat skills, and I need to be lighter. 

I made a goal earlier this year to be weighing in at 225lbs.  I want to get to that goal by my RCW/BDW shows on May 7th/8th.  I am giving myself four weeks to safely and permanently drop twenty pounds. 

Intensive Interval training and high rep workouts that are safer on my joints are a must.  I gotta eat right, sweat it out harder in the gym, and keep focused on what I am doing.  I have to allow my body to adapt, and not panic and go back to old habits.  And above all, I gotta take care of my body. 

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