Sunday, March 27, 2011

XWE Results - 3/25 Logan, OH

XWE (25 March) Logan-Hocking Activity Center; Logan, OH
Attendance: 175
1) Allen Lynch def. Jimmy Malloy, Rook Crass, Rick Rage & Flash Fury in a Brutal Games qualifying match. 
2) Black Irish Saints def. Sid Angel & Evan Daniels by pinfall (XWE Tag)
3) Rick Ramsey def. ME Howerton by pinfall (loser leaves town)
4) Dirk Extreme def. Shane Storm by pinfall
5) Adrenaline X def. Nikita Allanov & Onyx by pinfall
6) Otto Von Boogiemeister def. Ryan Phoenix by pinfall

7) Jock Samson def. Jerry Bishop, Dane Stratmore, Corey Mason, Draven Rose, Deacon Knight, Trace Chambers & Damien Braddeck in the "Brutal Games" Elimination match (XWE Heavy)

I am not 100% sure on results for matches 1,4 & 6.  Sorry. 

James Avery no showed, so I ended up teaming with Onyx, my old nemesis from RCW.  We were unable to get along, so I gave him a Soviet Sickle that sent him out of the ring, and that allowed Mathis & Maximus to nail me with a combo kick & Falcom Arrow to get the pinfall. 

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