Sunday, March 06, 2011

WWC King of Extreme Results - March 5th

WWC (5 March) Municipal Building; Aberdeen, OH
***8th Annual King of Extreme***
Attendance: 125

1) Matt Taylor def. Terry Reines by submission (KoE Time Trial)
2) Jake Ashworth and Eclipso fought to a time-limit draw (KoE Time Trial)
3) Nikita Allanov def. Justin Gage by pinfall (KoE Time Trial)
4) Marvel Trice def. Princeton Travis by submission (KoE Time Trial)
5) Jimmy Malloy def. Ranger Horowitz by pinfall (WWC NA)
6) DDK def. Devlin Anderson by pinfall (WWC Heavy)
7) Jake Ashworth def. Matt Taylor, Terry Reines, Nikita Allanov, Eclipso, Marvel Trice, Princeton Travis & Justin Gage (King of Extreme Match) 

KOE match was a pretty brutal and bloody affair.  Gage was eliminated first under Battle Royal Rules when he threw Marvel Trice over the top rope to the floor, but referee Adam Fusion ruled Trice didn't touch the floor.  As Gage argued, Trice dumped him from behind.  Ashworth made Travis tape out to gain the second fall, which was under submission rules.  Eclipso put Trice thru a table to gain the "Table Match Pinfall", but was immediately taken out on the outside by Allanov under "Falls Count Anywhere" rules.  With Taylor, Ashworth, Allanov and Reines remaining, the match turned into a four-way ladder match with all the plunder in play.  Allanov sliced Taylor open with a cheese grater, and Allanov was busted open with the ladder by Ashworth.  Taylor took out Reines' knee on the outside, as Allanov brought a table into the ring. A dive by Ashworth took out Allanov, and as Taylor and Ashworth battled atop the ladder, Ashworth pushed Taylor off, sending him thru a table, and allowing Ashworth to gain his second win in the KOE!

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