Sunday, March 27, 2011

RWA Results - 26 March, 2011

RWA (26 March) 5th St. Gym; West Newton, PA
Attendance: 220

1)  Jesse Skelton def. Rebecca Payne by pinfall (RWA Cruiser)
2) Ryan Mitchell def. Allen Payne by pinfall
3) Shane Valentine def. Chris Arkadian by pinfall
4) Nikita Allanov def. Jon Burton by pinfall in a No-DQ Match
5) Pocket Rockets def. Hanson Brothers by pinfall
6) Chris Taylor def. Joseph Brooks by pinfall
7) Calvin McGrath def. Ryan Edmonds by pinfall
8) Jay Ice & Josh Emanuel def. G-Raver & Seth Allen by pinfall
9) Ashton Amherst def. Stryder by pinfall (RWA Heavy)

"Big Homie" Jon Burton meets the business end of the Soviet Sickle. 

This match was a No Disqualification match, and as I challenged last month after dealing with the shenanigans of Feelbad & Burton.  I went after Burton as he came out of the curtain, and we had a crazy brawl on the floor, with me just dominating the former WTAE sports anchor.  I went for a Sickle on the floor, but Burton countered it with a backdrop, and then he and Feelbad went to work on my back.  Burton attempted to go for his Swinging Urinage Suplex finisher, but I countered with a Russian Leg Sweep, which brought Feelbad into the ring.  Burton got a chair and charged me, but I moved and he hit Feelbad, then was leveled with a Sickle to the delight of the fans. 
After the big win, I held up a hand and called out the Feelbad Five, and then tucked one finger back to show that there were still four left.

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