Tuesday, March 01, 2011

RWA "February Fury" Results

RWA (26 February) 5th St Gym; West Newton, PA
Attendance: 175

1) Christoper Arkadian def. Jock Samson and "Awesome" Allen Lynch in a three way (MITB qualifier)
2) Brandon K & Scottie Gash def. Ron the Beast & Crusher hansen by pinfall (RWA Tag) 
3) Jon Burton def. Nikita Allanov by pinfall
4) Stryder def. Josh Emanuel by pinfall (RWA PA)
5) Joe Brooks & Ryan Edmonds def. the Pocket Rockets by pinfall
6) G-Raver def. Jay Ice by pinfall (RWA Cruiser)
7) Jesse Skelton def. G-Raver by pinfall (RWA Cruiser)
8) Ashton Amherst def. Seth Allen, Shane Valentine and Chris Arkadian in a "Money in the Bank"  match
9) Chris Taylor def. Patrick Hayes by pinfall
10) Ryan Mitchell fought to a draw with Calvin McGrath (RWA Heavy) 
11) Ashton Amhearst def. Ryan Mitchell by pinfall (RWA Heavy)

This match was signed by commissioner Tommy Faime after Jon Burton interfered in the match between Allanov and Patrick Hayes in January.  Dr. Feelbad was at ringside with his "Feelbad Five" member Burton, and the two double teamed to work Allanov over early and often.  Allanov battled back and had Burton set up for a top rope Sickle, when Feelbad again interfered, and knocked Allanov off the top rope, allowing Burton to capitalize and get the pinfall. 
After Feelbad & Burton high-tailed it out of the ring, Allanov said that he was done playing around with Feelbad & Burton - and that he promised to permanently maim Burton so that he could never again return to television. 

A rematch between Burton and Allanov has been signed for March 26th by Commissioner Faime - with No Disqualification rules!

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