Wednesday, March 16, 2011

RCW 3/12/11 Portsmouth Results

RCW (12 March) Plumber & Steamfitters Hall #577; Portsmouth, OH
Attendance: 200

1) Flash Fury def. Maxx Power by pinfall
2) Randy Allen def. Trik Nasty by pinfall (RCW NA)
3) Pretty in Pink def. Metal Mayhem by pinfall (RCW Tag)
4) Nikita Allanov def. Eclipso by pinfall
5) Tank Runyon def. Dirk Extreme by disqualification
6) Projekt Ego def. Judas Thorn & The Black Irish Saints in an elimination match (RCW Heavy; ciber)

Before the match the Mastermind & Ms. Sara addressed the crowd, and informed them that this match was an open challenge to anyone in RCW and beyond, as WrestleOhio brought Nikita Allanov into RCW to win the Heavyweight Championship, and that they were tired of waiting.  My old foe from WWC, Eclipso was the wrestler to accept the challenge, and he took quite a beating in this match, but made a valiant effort to come back, and hit an impressive missile dropkick that nearly won him the match. 

But after a devastating Soviet Sickle, it was all over.  

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