Monday, March 21, 2011

"Project 33 - Match #99 - Comando Negro vs. Multifacetico

Comando Negro vs. Multifacetico
20 March, 2011
Arena Naucalpan; Naucalpan, Mexico
IWRG Intercontinental Light-Heavyweight Championship Match

Part 2  Part 3

Damn do I enjoy mat wrestling.  It was awesome to see two younger guys doing this much pure wrestling on the mat.  I am glad this took place in Naucalpan, where the fans will be ready for an appreciate this kind of match. 

The Multifacetico gimmick is an old gimmick that has kinda been laying around IWRG for years, and occasionally a promising young tecnico will bust on to the scene in the gimmick.  Multifacetico 3 disappeared a few years ago, and it was discovered a bit later he migrated to CMLL as Guerrero Maya Jr - which also confirmed the rumor he was the son of Black Terry.  This Multifacetrico (the fourth incarnation) popped up in IWRG in January, and has quickly risen thru the cards. 

Comando Negro is probably the most improved wrestler of 2010, and perhaps the Rookie of the Year as well.  As far as IWRG goes, Multifacetico is already getting a similar push to that of Negro, and these two seem destined for a mask match in IWRG, where masks and hairs are wagered willy-nilly it seems at times.  With the promise these two guys show, I hope that neither one gives up the mask anytime soon...

With that said, I really enjoyed this match.  I love mat wrestling, and these two did some awesome exchanges and reversals through all three falls.  The pinfalls in the first two falls were awesome - both in execution and how they two men actually worked their way into the submission holds.  There were shenanigans involved in the third fall, which was expected frankly - Negro has a ton of heat in Naucalpan right now, and this was not the time for a decisive win by either man.  Negro screwing over Multifacetico with help from Pollo Asesino not only can lead to a match between Multi and Pollo, but also keeps the title switch on deck for another big card. 

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